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How to Turn Back the Years at the Hairdressers

How To Turn Back The Years At The Hairdressers

Step away from the needle. Turn back the years the natural way with Charles Worthington’s top tips for youthful hair

Words Mathew Soobroy,
Principle Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons


The number one thing that ages you is the wrong colour. Colour that is too dark or heavy around the face will age and accentuate the negatives. Always get professional advice from your hairdresser and get the correct tone and shade to suit you. Textured colour and contouring soften facial features and help highlight your natural beauty, whereas solid block colour relies on a really great hair cut.


A flat limp cut is also incredibly ageing. Ask your hairdresser about your face shape to determine a cut that suits you – whether you have an oval, square or heart shaped face. Adding volume to the hair always lifts your features, creating a face lift in a hair cut! Alternatively, try a dramatic chop – for example if you have long hair, you could try a chic ‘lob’.


Fringes are the best way to freshen and can really change your look. A fringe can bring out your eyes and cheek bones and covers those unwanted forehead lines, which will always make you look younger.


Finally, frizzy dry hair is also incredibly ageing. Get salon professional advice and treatments as these are always more intense and will provide instant results. Make sure you are using good quality serums and heat protectants on your hair. The smoother the hair, the shinier it will look as it reflects the light. This will in turn give you that youthful glow!


It can be tempting to get stuck in a rut hair styling-wise, such as sticking to your go-to Kate Middy-inspired blow dry. An easy way to make your tresses look more youthful is to try a more modern approach. Undone, mussed-up waves have replaced the new glossy blow dry – it’s all about embracing your natural texture. Ask your hairdresser how to style your locks next time you’re in the salon.

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