Where Do Celebrities Head for New Year’s?

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For those of us who love a bit of celebrity goss, New Year’s can be a difficult time. The celebrations we’ve planned might be the best yet, full of balloons, party poppers and the most expensive fireworks we could find, but no matter how good we make them, celebrities always manage to one-up us.

How do they do this? By jetting off to the most amazing locations to celebrate New Year’s in style. Now, we’re not saying we’re jealous. But let’s be honest, when we’re sticking firework holders into rain-sodden ground in the middle of the night, there is a bit of us that wishes we were in a casino somewhere in Las Vegas partying it up celebrity-style.

So where else do celebrities go for New Year’s? If you really want us to answer that question, you can find seven of the most popular New Year’s locations for celebrities below. But we should warn you, if you want your NYE to feel really special, then this list might not be for you!

Las Vegas

We’ve mentioned this location already, so we might as well start with it. Las Vegas is a popular destination for celebrities year-round, but especially at New Year’s, where legends like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Demi Lovato have been known to enjoy a party or two. With casinos hosting a selection of table games and entertainment venues putting on the glitziest shows around, it seems like celebrities come for the glamour. 


As great as Las Vegas is, however, it doesn’t have a beach. And if there’s one thing celebrities love, it’s a beach! That’s why so many celebrities travel instead to the Maldives, where NYE is celebrated with regular beach festivals, including singers, dancers, drummers, and all-you-can-eat buffets! Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk are big fans, and Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips have also been spotted nibbling at a buffet or two over the last few years.


Another celebrity favourite is Hawaii. The NYE celebrations are usually a little more relaxed here, but that’s kind of the point. This is the place you would go to see out the year in peace, without any of the usual NYE craziness. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are big fans, and so too are movie stars Pierce Brosnan, Woody Harrelson, and Clint Eastwood… I know what you’re thinking, punk. Did I light six fireworks or five?


For celebrities who want a bit of those rain-sodden NYE celebrations that we mentioned earlier, but in a glamorous city surrounded by thousands in celebratory spirit, then London certainly seems to be the place. Every year, celebrities host a range of A-list parties in the city to join in with the Big Ben countdown, with recent revellers including David Beckham, J Coles, Travis Scott, Nicole Sherzinger, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny!


While Aspen, Colorado, might not have the same grandiosity as London, it has proved to be another celebrity favourite during New Year’s. Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Christmas legend Mariah Carey are all repeat visitors, and this is largely down to the beautiful ski slopes that surround the town. They spend most of the day skiing and then end it by hitting up the St Regis Resort for a luxury Remede spa treatment. Ahh, it’s a tough life, right?

NYE 2024

Of course, these are not the only locations that celebrities love to frequent on NYE. Others include Sydney, Paris, New York, and Ibiza, but these are the five most popular, where you’d be sure to spot a celebrity or two counting down to midnight. Meanwhile, we’re still getting our fireworks to light in the rain! Ah well, it’s the thought that counts…

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