Why It’s Worth Investing in Your Shutters

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We spoke to Anna-Lisa Wheeler (@at_anna_lisas) about her stylish home in Kingston, and why Just Shutters were her chosen supplier.

Adding shutters to your home can require a leap of faith. After all, it is an investment in a fixture which adds value to your home. This can leave some homeowners second-guessing their design choices, or stuck labouring under a misconception about shutters. Just Shutters Surrey are experts in their field and enjoy helping Surrey homeowners to sort fact from fiction, navigating the design process with stunning results.

“I had always wanted shutters in my home, it was a dream of mine after I fell in love with the clean lines and versatility of shutters. When we took the leap, it was our plan to focus on the Living Room Bay. However, it soon became apparent that we needed to replace the blinds in our daughter’s bedroom, as the mechanisms had failed. The cost of replacing the blinds, and the uncertainty about whether the same faults would develop again, meant we decided to opt for shutters for both bay windows.”

Anna-Lisa continued to explain that a key benefit is the lack of need for additional tracks, poles or multiple window treatments.  Anna-Lisa selected pure white shutters with a larger 89mm louvre size which means her rooms are flooded with light which can be easily controlled to suit the time of day or situation. Angling the louvres just right so that sunlight doesn’t obscure the TV screen, is now an unconscious act for the family. “My husband worried that adding shutters would mean the rooms would become dark, but to the contrary, we find the shutters have had a wonderful brightening effect. It really has changed the ambience of the room as the light is soft, diffused and has a luxurious quality.”

Anna-Lisa is confident that her choice will stand the test of time, not only because Just Shutters offer a lifetime guarantee, but because the shutters are a blank canvas and will work with any future redecoration choices. They were a great investment. “My husband Daniel was sceptical at first and I had to work hard to convince him to order the shutters but now he is converted!”. If you’re looking to embark on your own window transformation journey, all you need to do is call 01932 500 270 and speak to Gina and Simon Broadhurst.


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