Win! We have teamed up with Louise Bailey from Hair Extensions London to give one lucky person the chance to win a free set of thickening tape hair extensions worth £550!

Consultation Louise Bailey Extensions

Louise bailey (founder of Hair Extensions London), a hair extension expert with over 20 years of experience, is giving away a free set of Tape In Hair Extensions worth £550 to thicken the natural hair. To enter, your hair must be at least
shoulder length.

If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions Louise has complied a list of information about the most common extensions in the industry today:

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions have recently become one of the most popular methods of hair extension. They are quick and easy to apply when you have a skilled hair extensionist fitting them. The hair extensionist will take a section of your natural hair. Which is then sandwiched between two 4cm weft-like pieces that are then stuck together, not touching the scalp. This method uses a special type of tape that comes out of the hair easily when it’s time for removal. There is no heat involved in this process.

Tape Hair Extensions are reusable and need maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the thickness of your natural hair and how fast your natural hair grows. You can wash your hair and style it as normal, and you can also wear your hair in a ponytail without the tapes being visible if applied by an expert. Tape hair extensions are the healthiest method of application for natural hair when applied by a true professional.

How long do they last: 6 – 12 months with maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.

Time to fit: 30 minutes – 1 hour, depending on how many you have put in

Cost price: £250 – £1000 UK average salon price


Bonded hair extensions may also be called pre-bonded, u-tip, flat-tip or keratin bonds. They’re one of the first permanent types of hair extensions. Bonded hair extensions are made from multiple clumps of hair weighing between 0.5 – 1 gram.

The hair extension technician will fuse, in most cases, with a hot pincers tool to melt the bonding substance of choice and then attach the hair extension to the natural hair. There is also a cold fusion tool that heats the bonding formula, but it is not constantly hot to the touch like the hot fusion bonding pincers. It is a myth that cold fusion is less damaging than hot fusion. You can wear your hair up with bonds, but they can be visible as lumps and bumps when trying to do a high ponytail. If the natural hair is not positioned properly to hide them, you’ll be able to notice them.

Bonded hair extensions do not require maintenance, but constant wear of these bonded methods will deteriorate the natural hair over years of wearing.

Price tag: £250 – £1500 is the UK average salon price

They last: 4-6 months

Time of fitting: 1 hr 30 min – 3 hr depending on the amount needed


Micro-ring hair extensions are also known as micro links, nano-rings and metal links. These hair extensions are attached using tiny metal rings. Pre-bonded strands of hair are attached to the natural hair using individual metal rings. The hair extensionist will use a tool to thread your natural hair along with the tip of the hair extension strand through the metal ring and will then press the ring flat with pliers to close the space, so the extension hair remains attached to the natural hair near the root area. This method allows the hair to be reused; the maintenance for this is every 8 weeks. When wearing your hair up, you will see the metal rings are visible, and putting your hair up with this method can pull and cause damage to the natural hair.

Price tag: £300 – £900 is the UK average salon price

They last: 6 – 12 months, depending on the hair quality used, with maintenance every 8 weeks

Application time: 1 hr 30 min – 3 hr depending on how many are fitted


This method is not suitable for fine hair as the weight of the larger wefts of hair can cause damage to your natural hair. Weave-in hair extensions are applied by the hair extensionist forming small french plaits all over the head in rows. A wide weft of hair extensions is then cut to the size and attached by sewing it to the braid. Weaves are a great way to add extra-thick pieces of hair to the head and get a lot of volume and length quickly. Out of all the extension methods, this will feel the most unnatural. You’ll be able to feel a lump when touching your head. You can’t wear your hair up when you have a weave fitted to your head. A weave is reusable depending on the quality of the hair used and generally needs to be maintained every 4-6 weeks.

Application time: 2 hr – 3 hr depending on how many are fitted

Price tag: £100 – £600 UK average salon price

How long do they last: 6 weeks


Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary extension option. They come in different lengths and weights, so you can choose exactly how long and thick you want your hair to be. It clips to your hair, which you can do yourself. They are a simple way to give you longer and thicker hair without a hairdresser. You can also remove clip-ins yourself. Like all extensions, clip-in hair extensions come in many different qualities. This will determine the price point. This method is not for everyday wear. Clip-ins are best suited for special occasions, as constant use can cause damage where the clips are attached. It is also advisable when you purchase your clip-in hair extensions to get a hair extensions technician to teach you how to apply them properly and cut them to blend with your natural hair.

Application time: <10 minutes

Price tag: £100 – £500 UK average salon price

How long do they last: they can be reused for months, depending on hair quality

To enter, answer the following question and complete the following form.

For more information about our exciting prize visit Hair Extensions London
For information about Beauty Club London visit beautyclublondon.co.uk

Terms And Conditions

-Winner must be 18 or older and live in the UK
– The natural hair must be at least shoulder length to benefit from this prize
-Winners hair must be at least shoulder length
-Competition closes on 12th February 2023. Entries after this date will not be counted
-The winner will be randomly selected and notified via e-mail within 3 days of closing
-Prize is non transferable and there are no cash alternatives

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