4 Drink Trends You Need to Know about this Summer

4 Drink Trends You Need to Know about this Summer

Words Helen Brown


Take your last sip of the Espresso Martini because creeping into our gastronomic awareness are vodkas and whiskeys bottled with cold-brew coffee. Almost a ready-made cocktail in a bottle. Pirate’s Grog Ei8ht Coffee Rum, made with cold brew coffee, is leading the way for this summer drink trend. It’s likely this will translate in bars too. Look forward to mixologists putting a coffee-spin on flips, sours and swizzles. Keep an eye out then for Coffee Negronis, Coffee Cosmos and Coffee Daiquiris… coming to a bar near you.


Herbaceous, vegetal flavours have really grown into their own this year. Whilst sugar and citrus make up the base of most great shaken cocktails, these two elements along with sweet fruit flavours are dominating classic cocktail combinations and spirit flavours this year. More savoury flavours have been slowly creeping into the cocktail shaker, inspired by the the umami of a Bloody Mary and experimental mixologists.Cocktails with hints of truffles, mushrooms, celery and carrot are not uncommon, and as the exploration of botany flavours continues, this continues to spread across the drinks industry. And not just in cocktails. Try Celery Gin from Rutte and a watercress gin from Twisted Nose.


Drinks brands have gone to town with their non-alcoholic and low ABV offerings. Dry January 2017 has seen Seedlip – the world’s first ‘non-alcoholic spirit’- propelled into the spotlight. Low ABV drinks such as Belsazar Vermouth proved popular in the summer of 2016 and the trend is likely to keep growing this summer. Think Rose Vermouth and Tonic on a rooftop, should the British summer ever come to fruition. Low ABV drinks are the best way to start a meal and they excuse early-afternoon drinking in a way that a Scotch on the rocks does not. Take a leaf out of our European counterparts and enjoying an Aperol Spritz this summer. 


And finally, the Gin revolution continues to grow. While craft beer, craft rum tequila and mezcal are having their moments, Gin continues to be a perpetual trend amongst London’s post-work drinkers and weekend night-owls. Brands the world over are offering playful and exciting new botanical combinations meaning we’ll never get bored of this easy-sipping beverage. Plus, there’s just no beating a cold G&T in the sun after a stuffy day in suits.

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