6 of the Best Luxury Spa Retreats in London

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Dive into our pick of the best luxury spa retreats in the capital

Words Julia Krupska

For a city synonymous with noise and pavement rage, zoning into a full-speed-ahead mentality to ensure you survive rush hour, escape is often needed. You needn’t head for the countryside – or even Heathrow – to get away, for hidden across the capital are revitalising pockets of self-indulgence, requiring less energy and even less time to get there. We’ve sought through the hustle and bustle to pick out our top city spa retreats.

Thai Square Spa, Trafalgar Square

luxury spa

Previously a Turkish bath, the Thai Square Spa blends Turkish, Thai and Roman influence to create an Eastern aesthetic, not only in its wooden carvings and gold murals, but also its choice of therapy. From salt caverns to ice fountains, each specialist treatment will stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. Searching for the secret to internal body balance? Trafalgar Square has the answer.


Sense Spa at Rosewood London, Holborn

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With bamboo walls, wooden floors and soothing water features, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into an episode of Planet Earth. Jungles however, don’t contain massage parlours or beauty rooms, as alluring as rainforest holidays would be if they did. Tranquil and stylish, Sense Spa at Rosewood London is home to the ‘Face Place’ – a hub of facial remedies that’ll leave pores tingling at the thought.


Spa InterContinental, Mayfair

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Suited to those with no room to breathe in their schedule, the Spa InterContinental offers quick-fix rejuvenation – the spa equivalent of an adrenaline shot. You’ll be spoilt to within an inch of your life with their contemporary facilities and innovative treatments comprised of only the best luxury ingredients.


Agua Bathhouse and Spa at Mondrian, Southwark

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Combining personalised therapy with a Mondrian glitz, the Agua Bathhouse and Spa is home to expertly crafted bodywork and signature treatments. The space includes private thermal and couple suites, accommodating everyone from significant others to bridal hen dos – with only you in mind.


Espa Life at Corinthia, Trafalgar

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Whether it’s mindful meditation, mindful sleep or mindful fitness, Corinthia have the art of mindful wellbeing pretty much covered. Espa Life Spa, with its dramatic interior and unrivalled approach to relaxation is no stranger to alternative therapy either. Chinese acupuncturists, herbalists, osteopaths and fitness trainers are all on hand to leave you in a state of utter bliss.


Bulgari Spa, Knightsbridge

luxury spa

Treating the outside to harmonise the inside; a holistic concept inspired by Asian and European tradition, is the Bulgari Spa. Natural essential oils and plant extracts are the only ingredients on the menu, so if you’re searching for an organic quality to rival all others – not to mention a series of specialist treatments to benefit life in the long-term – Bulgari have it covered.


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