8 of the Most Affordable Holidays to Book Now

affordable holidays

Take our advice and get planning for a last-minute getaway this summer; these are some of the most affordable holidays and travel destinations to visit now

Words Helen Brown

Affordable holidays to book now…


affordable holidays

With Greece’s economy showing promising growth, the country is very welcoming to tourists with cash. There’s a wealth of historic sites and attractions to take in, that won’t cost you a penny. Head to the famous Parthenon before getting your fill on healthy, affordable food. 


affordable holidays

A trip to Vietnam affords amazing value for money for Western visitors. A holiday here offers breathtaking scenery and enthralling views. The food too is amazing and comes in at around £5 per restaurant dish. Pull up at a street vendor and you’ll easily find a cheaper and probably tastier dinner. Hotels are reasonable, with luxury properties averaging around £60 per night. For comfortable flyers, getting an indirect flight to Bangkok is the cheapest option.


affordable holidays

If you can find cheap enough flights, a holiday to Thailand will cost you a pittance. Experience tropical beaches, lush forests and divine food. As well as historic landmarks, amazing wildlife and superb diving. For around £4 a night you can bag yourself an Insta-friendly private beach hut.


affordable holidays

Bolivia seems to have a misunderstood reputation. But as one of the cheapest countries in South America, it is definitely worth a trip. Top of the to-do list is no doubt the astounding Salar de Uyuni salt flats. A two or three-day tour of which will usually set you back less than £100.


affordable holidays

Now is a great time to visit Mexico as the current exchange rate is swinging heavily in our favour. Head to cities like Mazatlan in Mexico City that have a heavy concentration of chic hotels. Then you just need enough cash to lounge on the beach, margarita in one hand and taco in the other.


affordable holidays

Cities such as Lisbon offer old-world ambience on a shoestring. It has a wealth of free attractions and the cuisine offers high quality at low prices. Additionally, Portugal’s many pensãos provide purse-friendly accommodation. These are family-run inns that offer a more authentic stay than your typical hotel.

South Africa

affordable holidays

South Africa has luxury hotels that won’t completely blow the budget out the water. Especially during the off peak season – between May and September. Obviously, the best thing about a trip here is the safari. Amazingly, hotels and safari lodges are particularly inexpensive out of season. Or do it DIY by booking your own tent in a game reserve from around £120 a night.


affordable holidays

Birthplace of Aphrodite and bordered by three continents, Cyprus has been inspiring travellers for hundreds of years. Gleaming beaches, azure seas and tables heavy with mezé and chilled wine. It’ll will always be a crowd pleaser. As well as being super affordable, Cyprus is blessed with a balmy climate. It also boasts a rugged landscape dotted with vineyards, villages and monasteries. What more could you possibly want?

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