An Alternative Route to a Toned Body

toned body

Keep eating what you’re eating; Xero Lipo helps you achieve that toned body through an alternative route

I can hear my fathers’ words echo in my mind about the talkers, thinkers and doers. Talkers talk about their problems. Thinkers take a philosophical approach. Doers are so busy ‘doing’ they never have a chance to talk or think. So when I was considering my New Year’s resolution I realised I needed to do something to make it stick.

Faddy diets are everywhere and we all know most are too unbearable and impractical to work long term. Exercise is obvious, but with an increasing workload and family life to balance, the only thing getting trimmed is the time spent at the gym.

So imagine my relief when I heard about getting a more toned body without so much effort. I know it sounds too good to be true but I contacted the West London Dermatology Centre and put myself forward as a guinea pig. Despite years of crunches and workouts, I have never achieved the washboard look. I accept that some of this is genetics, the rest is down to my Achilles heel tripping me up whenever I see something sweet.

So what’s involved? Two hourly sessions a week for four weeks can be all it takes. The first thing I’m told is that the treatment allows me to continue eating what I eat (phew!). Science and technology takes quite a lot of the burden. You simply lie down and the low intensity laser pads placed on the zones for a few minutes target fat cells that refuse to budge. This helps break them down so the body is using the energy stored in them rather than in what you’ve eaten.

The pads are then switched to electrical pads that stimulate the muscles for a few more minutes. But if you thought you could lie there and let science do everything for you, you’re wrong. You do have to help yourself. The good news is 15 minutes of high intensity bursts can deliver the same results as a two-hour workout.

To assist you further you take a couple of dietary supplements to help flush out the toxins and keep your sugar levels even. Moreover, effects of the treatment last for up to 36 hours. So if you want to shift a few extra pounds then you can do more workouts and speed up the process.

In a little over a month I’ve managed to shave off over three inches in total. The motivation for me is knowing that each inch I lose will extend my life expectancy. The other result is that I am far more conscious about what I consume.Xero Lipo, £150 per treatment or £840 for a course of eight sessions;
WEST LONDON DERMATOLOGY; 27-229 Chiswick High Road, W4 020 8742 2204

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