Our Guide to All the Current Kitchen Design Trends


If you are thinking of renewing your kitchen in 2023, here are some current trends to consider.


Kitchen Trends

As more people work from home, more food is being prepared at home, so the focus on kitchen functionality has increased. The popularity of a kitchen island is unlikely to wane as they usually provide a multi-functional focal point in the room for cooking, eating, chatting and working.



Walk-in pantries are a luxury that most homeowners would want if they could create the space. A modest-sized pantry will take care of the food storage needs of most families, and make it easier to keep the kitchen clutter- free. This is especially desirable for people who are working in or near their kitchen space. In a slightly larger pantry it’s usually possible to squeeze in some additional countertop space, plus a couple of additional appliances, such as a drinks fridge, back-up freezer, and even a second dishwasher.


Kitchen Trends

The breakfast cupboard is a must-have in most modern kitchens. These are tall cupboards with worktops inside where the toaster, the coffee maker and other small appliances remain plugged in and ready for use. Breakfast cupboards are usually installed with pocket doors, so the interior can remain hidden when not in use.



Aesthetically, the trend is towards the use of more sustainable and eco-friendly products. Certainly the demand for locally manufactured kitchen cabinets is growing. It’s often possible to source salvaged items of furniture and convert their use into functional and unique kitchen cabinets. Thanks to Instagram, homeowners are becoming increasingly receptive to the use of colour and texture in their homes. Wood and metal finishes are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability, and composite stone worktops and splashbacks remain popular for the same reasons. 

Islands, walk-in pantries, and breakfast cabinets are large items, so if you are intending to carry out other home improvements, or planning to extend your home, then it’s important to design the kitchen in parallel with any architectural alterations. Whatever you choose, ensure that you spend enough time at the design stage. You may be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s important to love it. 


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