Ten Must Have Pantry Essentials

Pantry Essentials

10 Pantry Essentials

By Felicity Carter

To second Nigella Lawson, there is something incredibly satisfying about having a well-stocked pantry, and so, from award-winning relishes to fruity curds, boozy marmalades, classic jams, and oils from Tuscany, here’s how to elevate your larder.

10 Pantry Essentials

Fortnum and Mason Hot Chilli Sauce, £5.95

A hot hot hot sauce that’s an essential for your pantry, this one from Fortnum and Mason pairs well with a whole host of foods, from oysters to meats, and undoubtedly adds a kick to a classic Bloody Mary.

Daylesford Organic Balsamic Vinegar, £18.00

Delicious on heady root vegetables, salads, and meats this balsamic vinegar exhibits the sweet flavour of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes that just calls to strawberries if you dare. Add plenty of mascarpone cream.

Cartwright & Butler Natural Honeycomb Tin, £12.00

A slab of honeycomb brought to you by Cartwright & Butler, it dons a delicate floral flavour making it ideal for everything from porridge to cakes, and hot drinks. Plus, it’s presented in a hardy tin so it’ll store well.

Harvey Nichols Fruity Blood Orange Curd, £4.50

Move over lemon curd (Harvey Nichols also offer this too), this blood orange version is citrusy sharp, bittersweet, and buttery. A delicious combination for all those who want a sweeter, smoother take on a marmalade. The Fruity Curd range is made exclusively for Harvey Nichols by the renowned Thursday Cottage, a brand that launched in 1963.

Selfridges Selection Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Tuscany, £34.99

A good quality olive oil is a kitchen essential, and so, cue the Selfridges artisan extra virgin olive oil. It’s from a 2014 harvest of Tuscan olives and offers a complex mix of flavours that includes sorrel, rosemary, orange, and chili pepper for a spicy finish.

Highgrove Organic Honey Mustard with Chilli, £4.95

Sweet with some heat from the chilli, this spicy mustard is handmade in Wiltshire using organic ingredients from the Duchy Home Farm and Highgrove gardens. Add a dollop of this to sausages and cold meats, and enjoy.

Rosebud Preserves Apricot & Vanilla Jam, £4.75

Sweet-meets-tart apricots are teamed with Madagascan vanilla, unrefined cane sugar, and a dash of lemon juice for this number. The result? A delicate jam that calls for warm, fresh bread or even a vanilla loaf cake.

Welsh Speciality Foods Traditional Mint Sauce, £2.90

The perfect accompliment to lamb, this one is free from artificial colour, flavourings, and preservatives. Add a leg of fine Rhug Estate lamb, shredded cabbage, and gravy.

Hawkshead Relish Company Orange Marmalade & Whisky, £2.99

A boozy take on a classic marmalade, this one by Hawkshead Relish Company uses Seville oranges and the dram of whisky adds a warmth and a depth to the citrus flavour.

Rubies in the Rubble Spicy Tomato Relish, £3.50

An award-winning relish, this one features fresh tomatoes that are slowly simmered with roasted Indian spices to bring about layers of flavour. Even better, the company makes use of 100% natural ingredients including sustainable surplus ingredients, making it vegan-friendly too.

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