Artist Nikki Ashton on her vision for HeartART Homeware


Nikki Ashton tells us about her business HeartART Homeware

I am the founder and Artist behind HeartART homeware. I am originally from Bristol, but until recently lived and worked in the city of London for 25 years. For as long as I can remember, my passion has always being involved in Art and creativity in some way, heavily influenced by many factors that surround us all in our daily walks in life. From the abundance of colour in nature’s paint palette, to the high streets of fashion, to the amazement of architecture throughout the world, to the artists of past, they all are relevant. 

My professional journey has been extremely diverse, but has always remained in the creative industry. Working at the Natural History Museum London in the Display/Art Department. Working for a High street Retail Store as a Creative/Art Manager, as well as working in the Art/Design Departments of Inner London Schools.

With all that done, I found myself wanting to work and design for myself and others in some way.

I wanted to make Art that not only looks beautiful but also encompasses everyday living, but having a functional purpose as well, for any Interior space, adding that stylish, timeless beautiful element, to be seen and enjoyed by all.

Taking all this into consideration ` HeartART was formed throughout the lockdown period, which was extremely challenging, but it also gave to me the chance to develop the skills that I needed to run a business, and to accumulate a portfolio of designs over time.

I realise that accomplishing your dreams doesn’t happen overnight, and after a lot of hard work my products were eventually seen in a few establishments within the UK and temporarily in John Lewis Store.

My ultimate vision and dream for HeartART going forward, would be to supply all major high street brands in the UK and beyond.

If you purchase any products from HeartART, I can assure you that everything is sourced from the UK, and we have sought out the best ethical suppliers we could find, as reducing our carbon footprint is very important to us and of course the planet. All our ceramics are from the world renowned potteries of Stoke-0n-Trent Staffordshire. It was integral for all of our products to be sourced from the Uk, to support our declining industries, and be committed in helping to sustain crafts in the UK. I now have the pleasure of working alongside Fegg Hayes Pottery, a family run business, which has been established since 1975.

All our textiles are sourced from the Lancashire area, which was well known for its textile industry. All printing processes are used with water-based inks.

Ultimately, I would like my customers, to not just feel like they have found a quality product, but a unique piece of Artwork, a “statement piece”, and have contributed to sustaining the Artisan skills for generations to come.  


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