5 Easy Ways to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

sunday night blues

Don’t let the prospect of Monday spoil your weekend:  discover our guide to beating the Sunday night blues

Words Joy Montgomery


Slobbing around feeling sorry for yourself is a sure fire way to make Sunday night blues ten times worse. It’s time to put down that bottle of wine and pick up the phone. Why reserve all your weekend fun for Friday and Saturday? Whether it’s a trip to the cinema, dinner with the girls or a walk along the Thames, booking plans for Sunday will make the weekend feel longer and distract from Monday dread. Think of it this way: how much would you kill for a work-free five hours on a tiring Monday morning? Make the most of it.


We all know that the anticipation of something is almost always worse than the reality. This couldn’t be more true for Sunday night blues. Every week we get the same Sunday depression yet, in general, Mondays are never as bad as we expect. If you feel yourself sinking into a depressive state then take a moment to reflect. Be firm with your brain if it starts to whirr and stress about the pile of work on your desk. Think back to previous weekends and remind yourself that everything gets done in the end, with some caffeinated assistance, you always manage to make it through the day!


If you know you have a particularly busy week coming up then give yourself an hour on Sunday to organise your thoughts. Whether it’s a neat to-do list or stream of consciousness, putting everything on paper will help things feel more in control. Making a list will also put things in perspective – even if it’s a long list, often it will never be as bad as the terrifying uncertainty of the unknown. Once you’ve finished, put it to one side and make an active decision to deal with it all the next day. Now enjoy your Sunday!


As we all know exercise is one of the best ways to boost your happy hormones, so what better way to banish the blues? For many Sunday is lazy day, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, some may find that this can exacerbate those churning worries. Make an effort to get some fresh air and get your blood pumping – whether it’s walking the dog or going for a quick jog. It’ll also make the day feel more productive as a whole and set you up for the week. You have permission to binge on Netflix afterwards!


Alongside making plans for Sunday evening, booking in a few fun things for the week ahead is a great way to beat the Sunday blues. Order an Asos parcel to arrive on Monday afternoon, plan a cheeky lunch with your work bestie on Tuesday afternoon or book in a humpday facial. Knowing that you’ve got something to look forward to outside of work in the coming week will give you a boost on a dreary Sunday.

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