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I am at the multi award-winning Health & Aesthetic Clinic in Greenwich to experience radio-surgery, the new way to remove unwanted skin lesions that is safer and more effective than ever before.

The quest for perfection has never been more prevalent in today’s world and we all have our little hang-ups. With continuously new developments in the beauty industry to accommodate this growing trend for perfection, it is now easier than ever to access treatments which create the opportunity for you to feel good in your skin.  I am here at the multi-award winning Health & Aesthetic Clinic in Greenwich to try such a treatment, by the name of radio-surgery, which allows the removal of most unwanted skin lesions in a new and safer way than ever before.


Upon entering I am greeted by the clinic receptionist, who is very friendly and welcoming. I immediately notice that the clinic has a clean and pleasant scent. Dr Bhavjit Kaur is the Medical Director & Aesthetic Doctor at the clinic and will be carrying out the procedure. With over 30 years of experience, I know I am in safe hands.

During the consultation, we go through some forms, which ensure the utmost health and safety during the procedure. All potential allergies and other pre-existing conditions are accounted for. Dr Kaur explains the variety of treatment options, along with risks are carefully, ensuring I understand. I am also shown before and after photos of previous patients so I know what to expect immediately after the procedure and during the healing process. After signing all consent forms, I feel comfortable and ready to begin.

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I am carefully injected with local anesthetic directly onto the moles to be removed. Feeling only the smallest pinch, this is the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure. Dr Kaur then proceeds to prepare the radiofrequency Ellman Machine. Radiofrequency is markedly safer, produces little-to-no scarring, and offers minimal tissue damage compared with other methods. On top of that, it decreases bleeding, which means less downtime – I am able to go back to work straight away! Due to these benefits, it has become the favorite in the celebrity world for cosmetic mole removal.

The procedure is very quick and completely painless. After finishing up I am given an aftercare sheet and careful instructions to boost the healing process. All lesions removed are sent for histopathology to eliminate any cause for concern. The clinic also offers a complimentary post-procedure check up. All in all, a very pleasant procedure with a lovely, professional clinic. I am now healing nicely and looking forward to my blemish-free skin!

374 Shooters Hill Road, London SE18 4LS
0208 319 0074
[email protected]
Skin lesion removal from £200

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