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How to minimise milia

How to minimise milia

How to minimise milia with Skinfluencer

Milia, also known as milk spots, are small white keratin-filled bumps that occur when dead skin and sebum accumulate in pores. They can appear anywhere on the face from the eye contour area to the forehead and while they may not cause any harm, their inability to vanish can be incredibly frustrating.

It is vital that you never take a DIY approach to removing milia as attempts could lead to infection or scarring. Always visit a skin or aesthetic clinic where the aesthetician is equipped to deal with them without causing peripheral skin harm. Treatment options may include acid peels or energy-based resurfacing procedures, which will thoroughly cleanse the skin and eradicate them completely.

While they can appear at any age, the use of nourishing, thick skin creams can cause their onset. So, once you have banished them, it is vital to use a skincare regime that will not cause them to reappear. Instead of using heavy cleansers moisturisers that include mineral oil or lanolin, look for products that have lighter formulations, which will not block pores. Also, consider incorporating exfoliating products that contain either glycolic or salicylic acid, into your skincare regime as these active ingredients will ensure pores remain clear and therefore reducing the chances of milia forming.

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