Beauty Tutorial: How to Get Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows

perfect eyebrows

Discover the nine best ways to nail the groomed yet natural eyebrow look

Understanding the shape of your brows, using growth serum and tweezing only the stray hairs are just some of the ways to get perfect eyebrows. That’s according to the experts at online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade.com who have revealed the secrets to getting a perfectly arched and defined brow.

“One of the biggest beauty trends in 2016 has been perfectly blended and arched brows.” Joanne Dodds from Hairtrade.com explains. “So many people want the secrets to the perfect eyebrow and a lot of the time they are unsure how to achieve this.”

Checkout these top tips on how you can get the perfect eyebrows and the steps you need to take to achieve them.Understand the shape of your brows

It’s incredibly important to pluck your eyebrows so they match your facial structure. To achieve this, always remember to stay within your natural brow line when plucking or waxing them. Be cautious of your brow bone and shape to match it.

Only tweeze out the stray hairs

It’s incredibly important to tweeze only the stray hairs from your eyebrows, rather than using tweezers to entirely re-shape. Tweezing is also the most natural and precise technique, so it’s definitely recommended to choose this option, rather than waxing or threading. It can be hard to master precision with waxing and threading breaks the hairs, which gives less overall precision.

Trim hairs that stick out

Sometimes the hairs on your brows can straggle and stick out. Plucking these hairs can leave patches in your brows, so trim them down slightly to make them the same length as your other brows. Trimming is also recommended because the brows can appear fuller when you trim the tops. To trim them properly, brush the hairs upwards using a spiral eyebrow brush and trim slightly with nail scissors.

Comb down your brows

Invest in a good eyebrow comb and remember to regularly brush your brows. Sometimes after sleeping or showering they can seem a little on edge, so always brush them down before doing your make-up so that they are easier to shape.

Use eyebrow growth serum

To keep your eyebrows looking full, invest in an eyebrow growth serum. You can purchase these at most beauty stores and they stimulate hair growth as well as nourishing the eyebrows. The only downside to this is that a lot of these serums can tend to be expensive, so for a cheaper and more natural option, make your own by mixing Aloe Vera and castor oil together.

Prime with eyebrow wax or gel

A perfect way to shape your brows before filling them is by using a wax or gel. Eyebrow wax usually comes as a pencil and can be used to prime the brows before filling them in with brow powder – it is also a great way to shape your brows. Brow gel is also ideal for setting, defining and holding them in place. A colourless gel can be used before or after defining the brows.

Choose a way to fill your eyebrows

It’s your choice as to whether you want to fill in your brows. If you weren’t blessed with naturally dark and defined brows then filling them in is a great option. There are so many products on the market that you can use and it is entirely up to you to pick your preferred product. To achieve deep, defined brows, brow pomade is a great choice. This is a gel-like substance that’s perfect for definition. Powders are also great and can be used to set pomade. For a more natural brow, eyebrow pencils are incredibly easy to use and can be applied depending on the desired definition. Tinted brow gel is also a great option for someone who has naturally dark brows and doesn’t require too much definition. This will just shape the brow, whilst also giving it some slight extra colour.

Highlight your brows

After adding colour and shape to your brows, make your eyebrows look extra prominent by using a white eye shadow or eyeliner. Blend into the bottom of the brow bone (underneath the eyebrow) then top it off with a sweep of highlighter to really make the brow pop.

Go permanent

Too lazy to draw and define your brows everyday? Semi-permanent eyebrows are now possible and leave your eyebrows looking perfect for up to 6 months. This method consists of semi-permanently tattooing your eyebrows onto your skin, which eliminates the process of having to draw your eyebrows on everyday. Too daring for you? Then the methods above will work perfectly.Visit hairtrade.com

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