How to Achieve the Perfect Hair Colour for You

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With wedding season and Christmas partying coming in, now is the time to give your hair colour as much attention as your party wardrobe. London’s top colour salon Anthony Laban Home has some of the capital’s best hair colourists and hair cutters working in their Bellevue Road salon. Here they offer their philosophy on how to achieve the perfect hair colour for you.

Step Back From the Box Dye

Following the series of lockdowns here at Anthony Laban Home we became one of the best and most accomplished at helping box dye victims return back to their natural tones. A huge amount of hair colour brands begin to reflect red/chestnut after application and removing this is a very specialist skill, there really is nothing worse than finding your cool shiny brown turn to a chestnut colour with orange lights over the course of a few weeks. We have mastered this return to the natural perfectly.

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Discover Your Natural Palette

All our colouring is based on your skin tone and eye colour, and every technique we do is based on what we call your personal natural colour palette. We find that as the seasons change new colours emerge in your wardrobe and of course this should be the same for your hair. Your colours and style will change but to continue to look your best all year round it is vital to stay within your natural palette. You can be darker, lighter or a mix of both and as long as the tones are right for you skin tone and eye colour anything goes.


Embrace Your Skin Tone

For Warm Skin Tones:

People with warm tones have yellow undertones. They generally tan easily without burning. These people look good in earth colours, such as browns, yellows, oranges, and cream. Gold jewellery usually looks good against warm toned skin.

People who have warm skin tones generally have dark eyes, such as brown, black, or hazel. Their hair is black, brown, blonde, red, or strawberry blonde.
An alternate way to determine if you have warm tones is to hold a yellow or red paper beside your clean face. If it looks flattering, you have warm tones.

For Cool Skin Tones:

People with cool tones have pink or bluish-red undertones. They usually burn or have trouble tanning. These people generally look best in blue, red, and purple hues. Silver jewellery usually looks good against cool toned skin.

People with cool tones generally have light coloured eyes, such as blue, green, or grey. They have blonde, black, or brown hair. Another way to determine cool skin tone is to hold a blue, silver, or green piece of paper next to your face. If it looks flattering, you have cool tones.

For Neutral Skin Tones:

Some people have neither warm nor cool skin; they have a neutral skin tone. These skin tones have no obvious pink or yellow shades to their skin. Their veins are not obviously green or blue. People with neutral skin tones can wear any colour.


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