Behind The Scenes At Clarendon Fine Art Chelmsford


How Clarendon Fine Art brings contemporary and modern art into the homes of the people of Chelmsford

When Clarendon Fine Art opened in Chelmsford in 2021, it brought with it a whole new way of engaging with modern and contemporary art. Anyone who has walked through the doors of this light and spacious destination gallery will know that it offers something a little bit different from other art venues across the county.

Clarendon Fine Art in Chelmsford

Clarendon has a uniquely personal touch, and its Art Advisers are not only knowledgeable and dedicated, they are also passionate about their eclectic portfolio and are always looking for new ways to share the joy of art collecting. So much so that they are happy to pack up their van with paintings and visit clients at their homes, offices or businesses for a bespoke on-site art consultation. This is a gallery that, quite literally, goes the extra mile.

Situated in the heart of Chelmsford in the centre of Bond Street, Clarendon has become an important part of a thriving cultural and retail community, easily accessible on foot, but with plenty of parking nearby. Specialising in modern and contemporary art, the gallery has curated a portfolio with discerning collectors and investors in mind, commissioning and acquiring a superior range of original paintings to cross a wide spectrum of styles and genres. In addition, they seek out the most exciting emerging talents from around the world and have an outstanding portfolio of rising stars.

Antonio Sannino
Work by Antonio Sannino

The gallery is proud to feature many of the most highly-regarded artists from the contemporary arena, from Christian Hook and Jeffrey Pratt to Banksy and Mr. Brainwash. They have a particular expertise in cutting edge pop, street and experimental art from Europe and the US as well as 20th century masterworks from such household names as Hockney, Warhol and Lowry. Clarendon also has a strong showing in the field of sculpture and last year was named as the exclusive gallery partner for Salvador Dali’s bronze sculpture here in the UK.

While the team makes no secret of the fact that many of these works are potential investment pieces, they view this as just one of the elements that makes art a valuable asset. As Gallery Director Ian Hobbs points out: “Our intention is to connect collectors with the right piece of art for them, although the high calibre of the artists we represent and the quality of the portfolio means that much of the work will appreciate in price.”

Mark Demsteader
Mark Demsteader is one of the artists on show

Impressive though the art collection may sound, Clarendon has no vestiges of elitism and the team is always delighted to meet not only serious art collectors, but also new faces and first time buyers. They offer an especially warm welcome to those of all ages who have never thought of walking into an art gallery, but are curious to know more. As owner and CEO Helen Swaby says: “We value the experience of our customers above everything. All of our art consultants believe passionately in the joy of collecting and we love nothing more than sharing that passion with others. We work tirelessly to ensure that we offer the most rewarding and enjoyable encounter with the world of art, and we pride ourselves on providing superb service, constant inspiration, and breath-taking art at every opportunity.”


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