Behind The Scenes At Luxe Watches In Epping


We catch up with Oscar Strong, Sales Manager, and Jed Brailey, Buying Manager, at Luxe Watches in Epping to find out more about the luxury watch brands they stock

Luxe Watches opened in Epping in 2019. What do you love about the area?

Oliver Strong (OS): We love the local feeling in both Buckhurst Hill and Epping. Epping as a place is a breath of fresh air – we tend to do lots of meetings in town and it’s so nice to get off the train and see so much green when we get back! The community feeling is also really great to be part of – it feels really close knit. Epping offers a massive increase in footfall as it’s a much busier high street than Queens Road, but with that comes all the activity we can be part of, especially at Christmas and the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee. 

What kind of experience can we expect at your showroom on Epping High Street?

OS: Everyone is treated like a VIP, whether you are coming to have your watch battery replaced, collecting an order or just wanting to have a browse. Our retail is designed so the cabinets have QR codes so you can either browse on our iPads or view more information as you wander around. You will always be offered a cup of tea and we love hearing stories behind your watches, especially when they are heirlooms. One of our customers came to sell his watch, which was actually a limited edition Rolex Air King designed and engraved for a small number of RAF pilots. 

Jed Brailey Oscar Strong
Jed Brailey and Oscar Strong

What brands do you stock?

Jed Brailey (JB): As we are an independent pre-owned specialist, we have access to every brand so we have a huge choice in terms of what we stock. Our regular bread and butter brands include Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, but then we also get cool pieces from Chopard, Bovet, Blancpain, IWC, Jaeger le Coultre.

Do you have a most popular brand?

JB: Rolex – always. It’s such a staple in terms of a first foray into watches and pre-owned gives so much choice especially at entry level pieces. Then the collectors love a Patek Philippe. Cartier is popular with women.

How can we sell our own watches to you?

JB: If it’s a Rolex, we created a really simple tool on our website that will give you a market valuation in 60 seconds. We will then ask the watch and any documents to be sent in for inspection within seven days and we will issue a quote. This can be on a consignment (sale or return) as a part exchange or we simply buy the watch from you. All other brands you are welcome to complete the form on our website – it’s not as quick as the Buy My Rolex, but our team will make a market valuation within 24 hours and ask that you send/bring the watch in for inspection within seven days. Once with our courier or delivered our premises, all items are fully insured.

The Epping Location
The Epping location

What servicing opportunities do you offer?

OS: Currently we offer all servicing, but it is outsourced to our preferred specialists; however with the launch of our service centre we will be offering full after sales servicing on site for all of our clients. We can’t say much yet, but we are working with an incredible watchmaking team to help us build our servicing centre and we are very proud and that to unveil the project later this year. We also offer a luxury watch cleaning kit which we recommend is used in between servicing. The Luxe Watches luxury cleaning kit is £38.95 and can be bought instore, online or on Amazon.

What else do you think makes you stand out?

OS: The experience our customers get is on par with that of a luxury retailer such as Harrods, however we are local and we will do our utmost to source our stock from within the UK, preferably within the general public – we want to offer that security that we aren’t going anywhere!

What’s new for this summer?

OS: This year we have seen the release of the 50th Anniversary Royal Oak models from Audemars Piguet. These releases are extremely on trend, with beautiful, bright and bold colours such as Blue, Green and Salmon Pink – these fantastic dials will explode in the summer sun!


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