Bespoke Kitchen Design from Valcucine

Bespoke Kitchen Design from Valcucine

With careful attention to detail, Valcucine shows HOME that the future of kitchen design is here

Words Sabrina Nunez

With over 35 years of experience offering innovative dream kitchens, Valcucine stands out as brand that fuses ergonomics with timeless design, resulting in complete customer satisfaction every time. The Logica System, which features an equipped back section, jumbo drawers and wall units with lift-up doors (meaning everything is at hand’s reach), has given way to the new Special Units range.

The Special Units are comprised of the new Logica System and Air Logica System and are evolved versions of the original equipped back section and wall units. The primary goal of these systems is to blend aesthetics with functionality, maintaining the ability to contain and conceal, when necessary, all the equipment required in any kitchen.

Making use of the New Logica System is Artematica, Valcucine’s latest collection in which the artistic juxtaposition of colours and materials meets the maths of pure volumes. Artistic illusion is central to Artematica, with aesthetic panels attached to a minimalist frame that is invisible from the front, giving the doors and drawers the appearance of pure, non-bonded, volumes. Artematica utilises materials beautifully, from glass in every colour and finish to wood that conveys strong tactile sensations to lacquered surfaces and metal laminates.

Fluid design, soft closure of cabinet drawers and smooth rounded edges finish off the collection’s strong attention to detail. With its highly customisable options and vast range of materials, finishes and handicraft, Genius Loci also reflects Valcucine’s vision.

Ultimately, Genius Loci serves to reflect the taste of those who purchase it, resulting in sophistication and refinery epitomised. Central to the Genius Loci collection is the bond between man and nature, bringing together ancient crafts to preserve and enhance the customised embellishments of the collection’s drawers. Tradition, innovation and the sensorial qualities of materials create a special alliance, making excellence the distinctive feature of this collection. Colours in this collection are also inspired by nature with fiery reds, earthy yellows, airy sky blues and ocean water greens.

One more detail designed to further improve the interaction between kitchen and user is V-Motion, a hands-free revolution. Just like a conductor, the graceful movement of a hand simultaneously opens the door and turns the tap and the lights of the back panel on, creating a truly unique user experience. For those who find it difficult to choose just one collection, Valcucine makes it easy to combine different aspects from any collection for optimal customisation. With Valcucine at the forefront of kitchen design, expect groundbreaking technological advances paired with timeless finishes.

Valcucine London at Forza showroom, forza.co.uk

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