What To Consider When Planning A Kitchen Island


If you’ve always dreamt of your own island in the sun this might just be the next best thing

While Richard Branson may own a tropical island, you can have our very own kitchen island, exactly as you wish. Conquest Kitchens suggest five questions to ask yourself when planning your kitchen island.

What’s your style?

The style of the kitchen island is really important. Are you looking for sleek handleless minimalism with modern industrial materials? Or perhaps homely wooden farmhouse cabinetry?

There are so many stylish options to choose from. If you already have a kitchen you are happy with, then you can get a bespoke island designed and handcrafted to match your existing kitchen cabinetry.

If you are starting afresh with a whole new kitchen, you can choose from a wide range of styles and have a bespoke kitchen and kitchen island made to suit your style perfectly.

Painted cabinetry can be finished in a wide range of colours, or if you’re looking to embrace the texture and warmth of your chosen wood, then a lacquer rather than a paint might be the best approach. Pair the warmth of your wooden cabinetry with a cool-to-the-touch hardwearing quartz, granite or marble worktop for a beautiful, long-lasting kitchen island that speaks of luxury. There are so many available options it is a good idea to get some expert advice to help you choose the perfect materials for your needs and taste.

Style Handleless
The handleless style could be for you

How much space do you have available?

Like tropical islands, kitchen islands can be grand sweeping affairs or neat and tiny depending on the space available. Planning your island well in advance means you can get the maximum use from the space that you have available. Rounded edges can help with the flow and curves can minimise any tight spots in the room.

How would you like to use the space you have available?

Will it be used for food preparation, cooking, washing up, sitting at or working at – or perhaps all of the above? Considering how you’d like to use the space is a really important part of creating the perfect design for your kitchen island.

Do you want to add some seating?

You can add seating areas to your kitchen island to create breakfast bars, dining spaces, snacks and drinks bar for social events and even desk space to work at. Everything is possible, but any such uses need to be considered at the outset of the design. Fitted Ottoman-style seating with built-in storage can be wonderfully comfortable and useful, but equally, movable bar stools can be really flexible for entertaining.

Storage Farmhouse
There are great ways to incorporate storage into the design

Would you like to have integrated appliances, storage or even heating?

From freezer drawers, and hoodless stovetops, to integrated wine fridges, you can incorporate almost any appliance you need into your kitchen island. Wine fridges or wine storage are popular additions to kitchen islands but similarly, dishwashers and freezer drawers can be added to free up space elsewhere in your kitchen.

This beautiful farmhouse kitchen has used the space underneath one side to add a radiator for a little extra warmth. Little details like lighting, electrical points and phone chargers can be integrated and concealed within kitchen islands as well as storage and a place for everything you need to hand.

Conquest Fine Bespoke Furniture have over 55 years of experience in bespoke fitted kitchens and their designers can help you plan your dream kitchen and kitchen island. Book your complimentary design consultation today by calling conquest on 0800 975 11 99 or book online at conquest-uk.com

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