Sort Out Your Style With Absolutely’s Capsule Wardrobe Guide

Sort Out Your Style With Absolutely's Capsule Wardrobe Guide

Get your clothing collection in shape with Absolutely’s capsule wardrobe guide, plus 12 pieces to buy now

Words Joy Montgomery


The first step to creating a capsule wardrobe that works for you is to do a good old spring clean. Be ruthless with yourself; examine every item and decide if it really contributes anything to your wardrobe. An easy way to do this is to ask yourself: ‘have I worn this within the last year?’ If the answer is no, then chances are it’s time to move on.


Once you’ve pruned your current selection it’s time to spot any holes. Think about what you actually wear day to day – whether it’s a Breton top, culottes or failsafe tee – and consider which areas are lacking. Remember there’s nothing wrong with buying more than one of the same item. The point is to create an edit which is interchangeable and easy to style when half asleep on a Monday morning. Once you’ve identified these pieces then make a list and stick to it when you go shopping, it’ll help you not get distracted by unnecessary purchases. Try one these fashion apps to get yourself organised.


It’s easiest to start by laying the groundwork with chic basics. Having a selection of well-fitting, versatile staples will make dressing much easier and help you avoid the ‘I have nothing to wear’ situation. Good quality t-shirts are a must, alongside classic shirts, tailored trousers and dress-up-dress down dresses. Once you’ve got the basics down then you can invest in statement pieces to elevate them, such as a trophy jacket, pair of printed trousers or a show-stopping blouse. These pieces shouldn’t, however, form the bulk of your wardrobe.


There’s no rush to create a perfect capsule wardrobe immediately, instead prepare to build it over time. The important thing is to be mindful of what you already own when shopping. Try keeping a wardrobe inventory so you don’t buy things which fill the same hole as something you already own. Instead, every time you pick something up in a store make sure you can imagine at least three ways in which you can wear it with your current wardrobe. If you’re a fashion hoarder then try going cold turkey and restrict yourself to ten pieces over ten days. This will force you to be creative and find new style pairings.

To get you started we’ve found 12 capsule wardrobe staples which can be easily mixed and matched.

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