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Why It’s Worth Investing In Luxury Fashion


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Here’s why we should start investing in staple pieces, rather than the disposable

The thought of spending more than £100 on an item of clothing fills me with a surge ofguilt. You may even think that spending £300 on a pair of jeans sounds completely excessive, especially if you have acquired the ‘make do and mend’ mind-set. Vowing to spend money on experiences or ‘investments’ has split society down the middle. We’re either encouraged to make extravagant purchases or spend as little as possible on cheaper clothing.

Between deep diving through the abundance of sales and countless stores offering almost perfect dupes of high-fashion designs, we’re almost conditioned to think that whatever is on the rack, is in fact as disposable as our attempt at justifying 10 items of clothing we know will be thrown out in a few months, in replacement of the next line of dupes given to us by high-street stores.

I am a firm believer that you do not have to spend thousands in order to look like an exceptionally well-dressed person. However, I am of the opinion that quality prevails over quantity. Quality clothes, while usually more expensive, are worth the investment. Not everyone has the ability to spend hundreds in an attempt to be more ‘fashion conscious’, however, whether this is decreasing the amount you buy, and saving to buy one specific item, sustainability and buying a high-end product is a lifestyle decision that is beginning to make a lot more sense, in the name of sustainability.

Here are some reasons why we should start investing more money in our wardrobe, pin-pointing statement pieces that are not high-street dupes of designer products, and taking one step further towards seeing designer items as a lifestyle choice as opposed to a simple justification to be ‘on-trend’.

J O S E P H Foundations Ft Erin O' Connor E M B A R G O E D U N T I L T H O C T
JOSEPH Foundations ft. Erin O’Connor

They will endure the trends

Every season, the trends are forecasted, and as each season progresses, style adapts and changes swiftly, which can lead to bulk-buying items that will soon be disposable. When investing in luxury items, steer away from the trend-led pieces, and instead, gravitate towards the classics brands that provide staple, capsule pieces; such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Chloé.

A step into being more sustainable

It’s undeniable that we are aware that our shopping habits have a huge impact on the environment, and with the current rising concerns of climate change, this topic is rightfully being exacerbated – it’s time to make a change for the long haul. It’s easy to discard fashion as a major factor when it comes to correlating it with the freak weather changes, but it’s time to acknowledge the impact that fast fashion has on the planet. By investing in key, staple pieces that will last for much longer, you are already taking one large step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, fashionably. Instead of buying cheaper items, and in larger quantities, invest in classic, capsule pieces that will serve both your style needs but also a helpful purpose – the planet.

Stella Mc Cartney
Stella McCartney

Impulse buying is less likely to happen

When you buy less expensive clothing, it’s easier to justify continuous purchasing. Buying can be seen as a psychological act, you begin to think that because you’ve only spent £20 there, and £30 here, that you can justify spending another double of these amounts. Ultimately, this mindset can cause you to purchase things that you are not entirely in love with or can be classed as seasonal disposables’, based on the sheer fact that due to the price, it has allowed you to purchase another few items. The realistic point being made here is, if you go out in search of a ‘high-quality’ piece of clothing, you will be much less likely to impulse buy, because there isn’t much room for any more justification. Because the item you’d be investing in is slightly higher than what you’re used to, research prior to purchasing a higher-quality item is done to ensure that you are buying the right product for you, whether that be style, size, shape or fit.

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