Chinatown Has Been Transformed Into A Botanical Garden

London Chinatown Flower Installation Photograohed By Jamie Lau

A floral garden hangs above diners heads on Gerrard Street…

By Layla Turner

London is having a floral moment. It’s not long ago that we informed Absolutely readers of the new floral installation at Seven Dials. Of course, we aren’t complaining – after a year of lockdowns, we are happy to see London ‘in bloom’ again.

The garden installation features a range of different species of flowers, all of which have been reimagined by contributing artists. The flowers include Tiger Lily, Blue Orchids, Pink Chinese Peony, Hibiscus, Tulips, Sunflowers and Peach Blossom. Of course, the botanicals are fake (but beautiful nevertheless). Each flower is widely celebrated for its own distinctive beauty and cultural symbolism, from prosperity and good fortune to rebirth and hope.

The initiative was thought up to encourage visitors to explore the range of food and drink offerings located in Chinatown (although we’re not really sure who needs an excuse to enjoy the delightful cuisine the area has to offer). As part of the #ChinatownBlooms exhibition, restaurants around the area will be serving up a range of floral themed dishes and drinks for guests to enjoy, including orchid shaped dumplings from Dumpling’s Legend and a blue coral cocktail crafted with real butterfly-pea flowers from Viet Food.

Hurry – the installation will be floating above diners heads until the end of August.


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