6 Foods That Could Help Curb Your Cravings

Foods That Could Help Curb Your Cravings

Boost your energy and stay healthy with our expert guide to foods that can curb your cravings

Words Cassandra Barns

From mid morning biscuits to a sneaky bag of crisps after work we all suffer from those naughty cravings that can be oh so difficult to resist. To help us break those habits, we talk to nutritionist Cassandra Barns, about the foods we should be reaching for, to help us banish those pesky cravings and leave us feeling satisfied for longer.

Curb cravings for coffee: Matcha green tea

“While matcha does contain some caffeine, its levels are much lower – and it also lacks some of the other stimulating substances in coffee that can give us the jitters. Try Clearspring’s Japanese Organic Matcha Shot, which also provides a wealth of protective antioxidants that may hold benefits for our heart, brain and skin. And it contains relaxing theanine that can help calm the mind and encourage focus and concentration, making it a healthier alternative to coffee.”

Curb cravings for a sweet dessert: Full-fat natural yoghurt with added berries and seeds

“The combination of the fats and natural sugars in the yoghurt combined with some sweetness from the berries and the crunch of the seeds makes a perfect dessert with much less sugar than ice cream or other classic desserts. If you go for a live yoghurt, you’ll also get the benefit of the friendly bacteria, which can help support both your gut and digestive health.”

Curb cravings for chocolate: Raw cacao

“Raw cacao is the main raw ingredient used to make chocolate. In its pure state – without the added refined sugar or sweeteners, and before it’s roasted – it’s actually a healthy food, rich in antioxidants and minerals. To help you cut down on less healthy versions of chocolate loaded with sugar, try a bar made with raw cacao – with a cacao content of 70 to 90%. I like Ombar 90% Cacao (there’s also a 72% Cacao for those who need a gentler introduction!). Ombar’s are also made with unrefined coconut sugar rather than standard sugar, and are dairy-free too. With the 90%, you only need a very small amount to satisfy a craving!”

Curb cravings for salt: Sea vegetables

“Sea vegetables (seaweed) can have a naturally salty taste so can help satisfy that salt craving. Their advantage over salt is that they provide a rich variety of essential minerals rather than just sodium. Try Clearspring’s Sea Veg Crispies, a tasty snack made from nori seaweed. At only 28 calories per pack, they also make a great guilt free alternative to crisps!”

Curb cravings for sugar: Liquorice tea

“Liquorice has a natural sweet taste without any sugar. Many people find sipping a cup of liquorice tea helps satisfy that craving for something sweet, especially after dinner in the evening.”

Curb cravings for biscuits: Oatcakes with almond butter

“This combination is very satisfying: the creamy almond butter feels decadent and provides filling fats and protein, and the slow-releasing carbohydrates from the oatcakes will help keep your energy up for longer. Try Nairn’s Super Seeded Organic Oatcakes.”

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