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We catch up with Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Anya Lahiri

Interview Elizabeth Hutton

Elizabeth Hutton: How did you get into Barry’s Bootcamp?

Anya Lahiri: I started as a client 10 years ago and completely fell in love with the workout. I started working in LA, then helped launch the first location in London three and a half years ago.

EH: What makes Barry’s “the best workout in the world”?

AL: The combination of HIIT and resistance with weights and body weight guarantee results but above and beyond all it is great fun.

EH: What exercises are best post-pregnancy?

AL: Low impact exercise such as walking and swimming are great to ease you in and protect your joints.

EH: What do you do to relax and unwind?

AL: My Barry’s classes are my ‘me’ time at the moment. I also love long walks on Hampstead Heath with my baby in the sling and my
border collie.

EH: What nutritional advice do you follow?

AL: I eat a high protein diet with lots of good carbs such as sweet potato. This way my food provides me with a lot of energy.

EH: What are your top tips for people who want to lose weight?

AL: Finding a fitness class or community, like Barry’s, is a great way to find support and keep you in check with your exercise program. Small steps will eventually get you to your goals and to feeling fit and fabulous again.

Barry’s bootcamp
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