Equlibrium Wellness Retreats: Here’s Why You Need to Go

Equilibrium Wellness Retreats

Equilibrium Wellness Retreats offer a total approach to wellness in luxurious locations. Here’s what you need to know about the 2018 retreat in Mallorca

Words Tom Harris & Dr Alice Webb

At Equlibrium our ethos lies in achieving total wellness through a balanced approach. We believe in addressing all aspects of healthy living and offer a unique and extensive service to optimise your wellbeing, including fitness, medical MOT and blood testing, yoga, mindfulness, massage and healthy eating.

We started Equilibrium to bridge a gap between solely medical retreats and solely fitness retreats. By combing the two we are able to offer an exceptionally personalised and comprehensive health experience. It is our mission to change people’s lives through a long-term balanced approach to movement, spirituality and nourishment, for lasting health, happiness and wellness.


It has long been proven that mind and body significantly interlink – one cannot be optimised without addressing the other. The majority of diseases now experienced in the western world are largely preventable, typically due to poor nutritional and lifestyle choices, lack of exercise and high-stress jobs. It is therefore more important than ever to take responsibility for our health and to look after our bodies.

In a ‘plugged in’ world of technology that our brains were never designed to deal with, it is important to address our mental health by re-connecting with our minds. The clarity gained from a new perspective will serve to enhance our work, our personal relationships and allow us to live life with ultimate prosperity, calm and happiness.

From your medical MOT and blood test profiling to your personally tailored fitness and meal plans, we will redress the balance and bring harmony, peace and wellness into your daily living. You will leave us more educated about your mind and body than ever before, with the tools and knowledge to incorporate what you have learned into your daily life back home. What’s more, Equilibrium is breaking new ground by offering all guests one year’s worth of online personal training and nutritional support from the retreat end date. Long-term positive lifestyle change is our mantra.

While invigorating your body with our daily group fitness classes, hikes and PT sessions, we also appreciate the need for relaxation and nourishment. Our yoga and meditation instructors and our therapists will soothe the hidden ailments of your soul, ensuring you leave us feeling balanced and pampered. Our chefs will address your health from the inside out, with an anti-inflammatory and cleansing menu of locally sourced produce. Quite simply, Equilibrium offers the ultimate wellness retreats.


We are delighted to announce that Equilibrium Wellness Retreats will be held at the beautiful Cal Reiet Boutique Hotel, Mallorca for the 2018 season.

Cal Reiet offers guests a unique setting for our wellness retreats. Nestled in a secluded estate near the pretty village of Santanyi with its medieval walls, our picturesque location ensures total privacy and relaxation throughout the duration of the retreat.

Sip detox smoothies by the grand pool whilst soaking up the Mallorcan sun, wander through the extensive gardens or simply lose yourself in a book on the shaded terrace.  The luxury 15 room en-suite accommodation with calming neutral colours, stone floors and delightful views, will leave you feeling refreshed and well rested.

Dining at Cal Reiet is a uniquely sublime and elegant affair. Enjoy a delightful array of locally sourced foods creatively prepared into delicious and seasonal plant-based dishes. Relax in the evening on the magical candle-lit terrace in the gardens. During the day, top up your energy with healthy snacks, and freshly prepared juices, served by the pool.


The idyllic setting at Cal Reiet quite simply provides the perfect place to get away from it all. Join us this summer in Mallorca for the ultimate wellness retreat. Give yourself the attention and care you deserve and find your equilibrium. Feel and look better than ever before. Your health is worth it.

Email [email protected] or call either +44 (0) 7769 655258
or +44 (0) 7850 856274


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