6 of the Best Flat Stomach Snacks for the Mid-Afternoon Slump

6 of the Best Flat Stomach Snacks for the Mid-Afternoon Slump

Don’t let your healthy eating habits slip in between meals. Keep your energy levels high with six of the best tummy happy snacks

Words Joy Montgomery 


It’s cheap, tasty and easy to personalise – yoghurt is one of our favourite healthy snacks of choice. With its probiotic powers, yoghurt keeps your digestive system happy and healthy, reducing bloating and constipation (which can only be a good thing). Try mixing with fruit, sprinkling with seeds or sweetening with cinnamon.


Studies show that those who start their morning with eggs don’t feel as hungry throughout the day. If the idea of poaching at 7am fills you with dread then why not try boiling an egg to eat as an office snack? Protein-packed and easy to store, a boiled egg is ideal for an energy boost at 3pm.


Yes that’s right. Dark chocolate may be an unexpected entry in the healthy snack shortlist but if it’s over 65% cacao solids it has proven health benefits. Good quality dark chocolate contains healthy monounsaturated fatty acids which help speed up metabolism. Just be aware of portion size to keep calorie consumption in check. 


Another excellent source of monounsaturated fats, almonds are great for regulating your blood sugar levels. This means no mid-afternoon cravings. They’re also good for topping up your potassium, vitamin E and protein levels. We love mixing ours with a few squares of dark chocolate for a tasty combo. 


It might not be ‘cool’ but the humble banana is nature’s energy powerhouse. Cheap and easy to grab at the supermarket, this yellow fruit is packed with heart-healthy potassium, vitamin C and B6. Meanwhile resistant starch offers a prebiotic effect, helping to keep gut bacteria happy and boosting metabolism.


Avocado is another versatile healthy snack option. Regardless of its recent fame, avocado has long been recognised as a nutrient-dense fruit. Like almonds they are rich in potassium, monounsaturated fats and fibre. They might be high in fat but this healthy fat will keep you fuller for longer. Slice it onto toast, whizz it into a smoothie or simply scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

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