David Lisle on creating stunning interiors across Cheshire and beyond.

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One of Cheshire’s most acclaimed interior designers, David Lisle, started small, but with big ambitions. He completed a degree in Furniture Design and set up his own tiny business in the Adelphi Mill in Bollington in 1984 with an old circular saw and lathe, alongside a few pieces of oak and ash. He set about designing and making coffee tables, chairs, clocks and mirrors.

Fortunately, the canal path ran directly outside his workshop windows and people passing could look in and watch him work. This earned him his first commissions, and he soon began designing kitchens for clients.


The business grew over the years and in 1999 he purchased the Old Chapel on Beech Lane, Macclesfield. Having a great appreciation for architecture, David found it important to keep the Chapel in as original a condition as possible. Built in 1830, its beautiful stained glass windows illuminate the showroom and workshop to this day, and is something Absolutely will explore in more detail in issues to come.

Today, David and his team design, craft and fit a range of interiors, from bedrooms to dining rooms, bathrooms to boot rooms. His passion will always remain within the kitchen, however. It is just one room in a home, but through thoughtful design it can become every family’s central hub.

With over 35 years of hands-on experience in the construction and installation of bespoke interiors, the business fits around 35 free-standing interiors each year. This allows their small team of expert craftsmen to produce each of their client’s projects one at a time, letting them focus their commitment on giving a personal service and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Each interior is tailor-made and is specifically produced to meet each client’s needs. From the moment you step into their old Methodist Chapel to discuss your kitchen project, to their visit to your home to sketch out and talk about various ideas, you will be a part of the entire process.

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Upon visiting the showroom, it is possible to see the beautiful furniture you will be able to have in your own home. There is also the opportunity to see the crafting process by their team in the adjoining workshop. Once we have discussed your ideas and requirements further, David will carefully design three-dimensional plans of your new interior, which their resident graphic designer will then take further into CGI, giving you a perfect representation of your future space.

With such experience behind, Absolutely sat down with David to find out a little more about a designer who has changed the look and feel of many a home in Cheshire.

Were you a creative child? 

I loved drawing and building. A large box of Lego gave me endless enjoyment. 

What inspired you to set up your own business in 1984? 

I wanted to work for myself designing and building individual pieces. To start with,I designed and made freestanding tables and cabinetry and then moved into clocks and mirrors. 

Why did you evolve into designing kitchens? 

I liked the complexity of mixing materials and skills. Furniture, stone, glass, metals with all the associated plumbing and electrical complications. 

How key was purchasing the Old Chapel to the business?

As we started to become very busy in the late 90s we needed more space and the chapel was a beautiful place to work. Customer car parking was a bonus. 

Today, what does the business offer? 

My daughter Becky is now the senior designer after finishing her design degree.We offer beautiful cabinetry, design work and a top service. Hopefully making a disruptive time for the home as easy and enjoyable as possible – with a fabulous result. 

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How do you like to work with clients? 

At their pace – and with plenty of coffee! 

Tell us about the eco-kitchen… 

At David Lisle, we believe that sustainable solutions in everyday life are becoming ever-more essential as the effects of a warmer climate begin to make themselves apparent.

With over 35 years in the interior design and furniture manufacturing industry, we have established renown for our forward-thinking designs and exceptional craftsmanship. True to form, we have therefore decided to innovate our own practice and push the boundaries of interior design itself with the addition of our new, sustainable alternative to wood.

Stronger than even solid oak (so strong it is actually used in architectural beams), bamboo is a durable, stable, and completely carbon neutral substitute for any hardwood used in our interiors.

What’s next for David Lisle? 

We have a great mix of traditional cabinet making skills and project management combined with the new design ideas of Becky. I couldn’t ask for more.



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