Want to Move Up the Ranks? Here’s How to Get a Promotion at Work

How to Get a Promotion at Work

Fancy a new challenge? Get ahead with these six ways to get a promotion

Words Joy Montgomery


The first step to moving up the ladder is formulating a plan. You can’t simply hope that a promotion will happen with the progression of time. Work out what you want – for example, are you wanting a promotion or are you really looking for a new position at a different company? If it’s the former then you need to work out (as best you can) how to meet the standards for the next level and then work out the logical steps of getting there.


It might not come naturally to us self-deprecating Brits, but shouting about your successes is an important part of getting that promotion. Make sure you tell your bosses about those targets you exceeded, that new client you brought in or even the new filing system you instated – simply keep them in the loop. Perhaps stick to one summary email a month to avoid overkill.


There’s nothing that bosses love more than employees anticipating their needs. Ok, so you don’t want to become an unbearable brown-noser, but there are small ways to boost productivity and make your bosses life easier. It’s simply showing that you are reliable and have a firm understanding of the business. Look out for areas which need a boost – particularly ones that everyone else is steering clear of. Take the initiative and provide a solution.


This is essentially common sense. Obviously there’s rarely a ‘perfect time’ to ask for a promotion, however, it’s good to be mindful of the mood within your office. Has the business been struggling financially? Has your boss just had to fire someone from your team? Or simply had a stressful day? In some circumstances, it’s better to hold off.


It’s all very well spending hours slaving away at extra-curricular projects if your actual job is being neglected. Make a list of priorities and work out which aspects of your current role are important and which can take a backseat.


This is particularly important if you’re working in a larger company. Networking is great for broadening your contact base, which helps when you’re looking to progress within an organisation. The more people that sing your praises, the better chance you have of getting that promotion!

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