Hot Beauty Buy: The Must-Have Hero For Fine Hair

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Introducing Swell Root Complex: the must-have hero beauty buy for women with fine, flat hair

Words Joy Montgomery 

It’s not often a beauty product comes along that smashes everything else off the board – especially in the over-satutrated world of haircare. Swell’s Root Nutrient Complex is the exception to the rule.

Our love affair with this little spray bottle began earlier this year. Disillusioned by the abundance of sprays, mousses and serums claiming to boost and add volume to our fine wispy hair, we decided to try a new, lesser-known brand. Swell was founded by Jonathan Stallick and Andrew Bidwell, who sought to use silicon-free, natural ingredients to build a simple three-step system to deliver ultimate volume and growth.

“Almost every haircare product from shampoos to hairsprays is filled with silicones”, explains Andrew. “Silicones are great at giving a high gloss finish and the veneer of shiny healthy hair. But, over time, hair is overloaded, coated by these silicones, resulting in limp, oily hair that’s starved of nutrients.”

The Root Nutrient Complex is the third and final step. Made up of Swell’s unique blend of eighteen active botanical extracts, the non-greasy and weightless formula creates superior volume all day long, plus essential nourishment for hard working follicles, leaving hair fuller, thicker and stronger. Remarkable immediate root uplift, improved growth and reduced shedding.

Party season here we come…

Root Nutrient Complex, £32

Visit swell.co.uk

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