How to achieve fuller lips, naturally

achieving fuller lips naturally

Do you want to achieve full lips naturally? Our skincare experts at Skinfluencer explain how 

In the past decade beauty ideals have evolved- for instance fuller brows are now more popular than their thinner counterparts, sun-kissed skin is revered while sun-baked skin is not. But there is one facial feature that has continued to spark debate – the lips.

Lip augmentation is a highly sought-after cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve fuller lips and enhance your beauty, but in most cases it’s true that a little (filler) goes a long way. In fact, for the best possible results, you need to carefully consider your face shape, facial features, age and crucially ensure that whatever enhancement your lips receive is in proportion to the rest of the face.

The most common lip augmentation procedure is one that injects a dermal filler such as hyaluronic acid directly into the treatment site. While injections are made to last up to 18 months, they will require replacement, adjustment, or re-injection, as the filler will eventually be absorbed by the body, bringing your lips back to their previous state. Fillers also carry the risk of complications, such as skin necrosis or allergic reactions that will cause the treated area to swell and the filler to encapsulate.

For those who want a less invasive option, there is an alternative. In the hands of an expert, the latest generation of lasers can be manipulated to deliver a fabulous protocol that will stimulate collagen reserves and remove residue, to leave you with that beautiful bee-stung Bardot look and with zero downtime!

A successful lip enhancement procedure will rarely cause any pain. In fact, when carried out by an expert, most procedures are non-invasive or minimally-invasive and gentle on the skin. If your lips feel numb or in a bit of pain after the procedure, using an ice pack will quickly make you feel better. Pucker up, buttercup!


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