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How to Get What You Want From Your Hair Appointment


Leave the salon with your head held high with our guide to getting the most our of your hair appointment

How many times have you sat down in the salon chair with shining visions of your new ‘do floating in your mind, only for a stylist to misinterpret your description and deliver a cut which is more John Lennon than Jennifer Lawrence. It might sound like #firstworldproblems but at the time it can feel like the end of the world… 

Luckily for you we’ve paired up with Katie Allan, Creative Manager at Charles Worthington, to help you get exactly what you want from your next hair appointment. You can thank us later.KNOW WHAT YOU WANT
Before attending your appointment make sure you know exactly what you want to get from your trip to the salon. If you want to go short you could trial a faux bob, or if you need to refine your ideas try using Pinterest to create a moodboard of looks.

From experience, I am normally able to work out what a client wants from ruling out any particular dislikes they have. Bring in any inspiration images of celebrities or trends that you really love, but also examples of what you don’t want, as this will help you and the stylist to deduce the perfect style. When searching for images online try not to get distracted by the way looks are styled and instead focus on cut, colour and length. Also, it can be helpful to choose pics that feature hair with similar thickness and texture to yours.

Tell your hairdresser about any past hair experiences you have had, both good and bad, as this can help avoid repeating any hair disasters! Definitely don’t research technical terms or be over complicated when explaining your style as this will only confuse things, just try and list what you like and dislike as best you can, and they will do the rest.

Be open to advice and tips from your stylist – they do this everyday so may have insightful ideas about your new look. Open communication is vital and this process may help further clarify what you want, however you should also feel comfortable enough to disagree with their advice.

Last but not least, ask your hairdresser what products they have used and what haircare they would recommend for use at home. Also, if you’re uncertain, make sure you ask about re-creating styling processes at home: whether it’s creating waves with straighteners or nailing that perfect blowdry.

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