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Learn How to Enhance Your Self-Care Rituals With CBD

Press Pause CBD

Absolutely interviews Dawn Fable, co-founder of the female-focused CBD brand Press Pause and she shares her advice on how to prioritise self-care.

Why do you think so many women struggle to prioritise caring for themselves? 

Well, frankly, because we are too busy looking after everyone else. As women we do it all, and are often so busy ensuring everyone around us is taken care of that we do not prioritize taking care of ourselves. In doing so, we compromise our own health and wellness. The mission of Press Pause is to change this narrative, even if it’s helping just one person.

What advice would you give to women trying to build a self-care ritual?

It is single-handedly the most important thing we can do for ourselves and others. Self-care rituals serve as a reminder that we as women deserve those moments of “PAUSE” to recharge. When a woman takes charge of her well-being, she impacts everyone and everything she touches. In our opinion, a well woman can do just about anything.

Can you describe your personal journey with CBD?

As a working mother of three, drowning in my own beautiful disaster I never prioritised myself. I was introduced to CBD and it had life-changing effects on my overall well-being. Like many women, I found myself silently struggling without a safe space to open up about topics that were not being discussed. This inspired me to create a community where I could share my very real and raw struggles as a woman while educating about the healing benefits of CBD.

Who did you have in mind when you created Press Pause? 

I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that addresses a number of issues we as women struggle with. Many CBD products, including ours, are crafted to boost women’s well-being and support us through the different pillars of women’s health. Whether that’s something to soothe when the to-do list seems to run the show or a remedy to actually unwind and rest, it’s the opportunity to Press Pause and appreciate ourselves.

What separates Press Pause from other CBD brands?

Press Pause is more than a CBD brand. Not only do we have high-quality lifestyle products that appeal to several important pillars of women’s health, but Press Pause represents a movement, a community, and advocacy for women’s well-being. A brand, for women, by women with a very important mission of starting important conversations around taboo topics.

How do you incorporate CBD into your daily ritual?

Our products are very ritualistic in nature to help a woman throughout her day and life cycle. Our SOOTHE comforting body balm is incredible, I just toss it in my bag and use it throughout my day to help ease sore muscles, inflammation and tension headaches. The SOAK lavender bath salts also make for a great end-of-day relaxation ritual.

Do you have any advice for nervous first-time CBD users?

I always encourage others to do their research, fortunately, this industry has come a long way and there are some tremendous resources out there. When considering what brand to use, as there are so many options, it’s important to check the credentials and quality of the products. I always recommend topicals as an easy entry point to experience the benefits.

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