How Wakefields Jewellers Can Give Your Jewels A New Lease Of Life

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Is your jewellery in need of a little spruce up as we enter 2023? How Wakefields Jewellers in Horsham will ensure it will sparkle for years to come

January marks a new beginning and is the perfect time to tick off some of your smaller to-do’s that often get overlooked throughout the year.

Managing director and jewellery expert at Wakefields Jewellers in Horsham, Melanie Wakefield, thinks that a new year is the perfect time to give your jewellery collection a little TLC. “Your favourite piece of fine jewellery should absolutely last you a lifetime, but it will need a little maintenance from time to time to keep it in good condition,” she says. “We often do not realise quite what our jewellery goes through, particularly when items are worn all day, every day. Booking your jewellery into our workshop can be a little like sending your car in for its MOT, we’ll check over your jewellery and advise you on what work might need to be carried out.”

Ring Held By Jeweler After Polishing Full

From the weekly supermarket shop to active workouts in the gym, Melanie explains that our daily routines can have a real impact on our jewellery. “Engagement and wedding rings often encounter metal handles on doors and shopping trolleys that can wear and tear the finish over time. In most cases a simple clean and polish in our workshop can return a ring to its former glory, but sometimes we will find that stone settings are loose or metal has worn thin, which require a little more expertise from our goldsmiths to restore.”

Sharing her top tips on how to ensure that your jewellery stays sparkling for years to come, Melanie says: “It is important to be mindful when wearing your jewellery and to also choose it based on your lifestyle too. Gemstone set rings are a stunning choice, but might prove difficult to maintain if your job requires you to work a lot with your hands. Paying attention and caring for your jewellery will ensure it lasts you a lifetime – if you think a stone is moving in a setting, or you are worried about a ring feeling too loose or too tight, visit us in store and get your jewellery booked in for a check-up. Even if no repairs work needs to be done, you will love the way your jewellery sparkles again after a professional clean in our on-site workshop!”

For more details about the full range of workshop and bespoke design services at Wakefields, you can visit the friendly, expert team in store, or begin by browsing online. 


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