The Mother And Daughter Story Behind Renné Jewellery


Annie Rennison, one half of the team at Renné Jewellery alongside her mother Helen, on bringing a little heart and soul to the industry

Pre-Renné, what were you both working in?

I was 18 when we began Renné, I had recently returned from travelling and on the search for a career path that fulfilled my creative passion – and my mum had her hands full with my younger twin siblings!

Was there a particular moment that inspired you to launch your own jewellery business?

We were always hunting for jewellery that had soul and a lived in feel, like the pieces you pick up at French markets. I was doing a silversmithing course in London’s Hatton Garden and mum had previously trained as a silversmith, it was a match waiting to happen and we saw a gap in the market to create jewellery that told its own story.

Renne Jewellery Grange Road Gasp Photo Co
Helen and Annie

Was it tough to get off the ground?

We were lucky that Renné snowballed organically. Our jewellery is designed to be stacked and layered so our customers continued returning to build their collections. As our product is worn and loved by customers daily it was word of mouth that propelled our business and still does – we will be forever grateful to our lovely customers.

How did you want to be different?

We wanted to create timeless jewellery that could last forever and pieces that could be interpreted by the wearer as they like. Adding symbolic charms that act as talismans, personalised pieces that are filled with sentiment and semi-precious stones that have life-enhancing properties. Our customers create their own collections that express their individuality.

How is your jewellery created?

Our workshop is above our shop at 8 Grange Road, Darlington. We have a bench to shelf motto and can be proud that 90% of our collection is made in house, in Britain. We have a small team that work from Birmingham’s jewellery quarter hand-making our semi-precious rings, we work with a gold plating jewellers in Hatton Garden and our chains are made in Shropshire by a family-run business.

Trace Chain And Scroll Charm From
Trace Chain and Scroll Charm

What materials do you use?

We use sterling silver and 9 carat gold. 

What are your most popular creations?

Our Open Oolana Bangle is an original piece that has continued to be a best seller, and our iconic T Bar Hoops that are so easily identified as Rennè.

Have you evolved in any way since 2014?

We are continuously evolving, daily! You couldn’t survive without being one step ahead. We switched to using recycled metals, recyclable luxury packaging, building an e-commerce experience similar to the service we offer in store – we don’t stop looking for avenues to enhance our business.

How is it running a business with your mother?

A dream come true! We have always been exceptionally close, having your partner on the same wavelength as you was invaluable to our journey in the beginning. You have a constant loyal support by your side. Although I will say work/life balance has been difficult to juggle as Renné has grown, you have to put in the extra effort to spend time together outside of work.

Renne Jewellery Grange Road Gasp Photo Co
Inside the boutique

What can you tell us about your boutique and the kind of experience we can expect?

The opposite to your regular jewellers. A customer recently exclaimed: “I could live in here!” Our displays are mainly antique cabinets and displays found locally or in France matching the charm of our jewellery. Fresh flowers are dotted everywhere, inspiring imagery, exceptional knowledge and customer service. We wanted to create an atmosphere our customers feel at home in, a space they are comfortable to choose pieces that will bring them happiness and joy every day. 

What’s to come from you this summer and beyond?

We are so excited to be launching a new collection of mini charms, stand alone chains, limited edition pieces and a twist on our best sellers. We are continuing to channel our energy online whilst keeping our roots based in our beautiful shop.


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