IceBar London: A Novice’s Guide to Escaping the Heat in Style

IceBar London: A Novice's Guide to Escaping the Heat in Style

Tucked away from the buzz of busy Regent Street, IceBar London offers a chilly oasis in the heart of the city that’s uber cool – Sabrina Nunez

Everything you need to know about IceBar London

Why Visit IceBarLondon?

With temperatures rising and the sun glaring off of the city’s high-rises, sometimes relief from the warm weather is necessary. IceBar London is the perfect place to go for drinks if you want an atmosphere that’s totally different from other offerings around the city. Served in carved-out blocks of ice, IceBar’s drinks are Instaworthy and if you’re hungry, there’s a separate restaurant with an impressive a la carte menu.

What’s On?

This year’s theme is Wild in the City and displays a gorilla bust, octopus tentacles, and a few creepy crawlers – all made entirely of ice. Even if you’ve been before, it’s worth another visit to see the new ice carvings and themed cocktails. Past themes include Frozen Food, Galactic Frontiers, and Disco.

Who To Go With

An ice bar is a fun place for visitors to the city who want a unique experience that isn’t totally cliche. It’s also a cool first-date option to break the ice (pun intended). Alternatively, seasoned couples will find it interesting and a break from the norm. The venue is also fit for families, with mocktail options available throughout the afternoon, so children are able to tag along.

What To Drink

With clever names that are completely on the theme, every drink sounds good. The Beast of Bourbon is a tropical holiday in a glass with a vanilla twist that makes it stand out. The Squid Vicious is a sweet vodka-based treat, while the Rampant Rabbit mixes berries with rum.

What to Wear

Regardless of the temperature outside, IceBar London will outfit you in the appropriate attire. Upon arrival, you are cloaked in a designer thermal cape and gloves to keep you warm. The bar is kept at -5C year round, so bringing a blanket scarf or an extra jumper is a good idea if you don’t do well in the cold.

The Details

IceBar sessions are 40 minutes each, and the venue is available for hire.

Prices for standard tickets include a cocktail, cape, and gloves, and are £14.50 for slots from Sunday-Monday before 5:30 pm. They go down to £13.50 if booked in advance. Prices at all other times start at £16.50, rising with upgrades and packages.


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