Interview With Neha Shah, Founder Of NS Interior Design

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Absolutely sits down with Neha Shah, founder of NS Interior Design, to discuss four years in business, her design style and the inside scoop on a local project

When did you launch NS Interior Design and why was it the right time for you?

I carved my own footsteps in the industry exactly four years ago this month, in 2019. Having worked for other established interior design firms within London for 10 years, I was ready to take the big leap and go it alone.

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Neha Shah

From day one, what did you want to offer?

It’s always been important for me to create interiors for clients that feel welcoming and comfortable. I want to ensure spaces feel homely and don’t just have the appearance of a show home. 

I place huge importance on providing a trusted and transparent service. Communication and honesty are essential to the process. The design will naturally evolve over time, and it’s important both the client and I remain on the same page. 

How do you like to work with a new client?

Knowing I will be working with a client for several months, it’s important we build a rapport so it’s a harmonious collaboration. When obtaining a design brief, it’s imperative to understand the clients’ aspirations, lifestyles, and budget to ensure I can fulfil the brief to its fullest potential. 

Would you say there is a Neha Shah design style?

One key design statement I channel is creating interiors that have an understated elegant and timeless feel. I naturally gravitate to neutral and calming colour palettes throughout and tastefully injecting subtle colour through items the client could easily change themselves in years to come. It’s key to get the right balance between style and function.

Your portfolio looks great, but I’d like to ask about the Totteridge Lane project – what was the initial brief?

The clients were a couple I hugely resonated with. The formal living space hadn’t been touched in over 20 years, and so was telling that a complete renovation was required. With it being the first room as you enter, the clients were keen to create a warm and timeless space for when entertaining friends and family. 

What challenges did you have to overcome?

Truthfully speaking; the pandemic. This created huge delays in receiving furniture and completing the installation of this project. 

Aside from the above, with clients having not made any changes for a very long time, they had a huge attachment with particular items that would have not complemented the new space. The challenge was to overcome and convince them of the change, providing assurance that opting for a more contemporary fitting would be a better fit.

The Totteridge Lane project

What design touches are you particularly proud of?

I was particularly proud of all the bespoke furniture and joinery I created. It was really important to design and create pieces that would allow the client to still fall in love with the room in five or ten years’ time. We chose combinations of striking bird’s eye veneer, rich toned woods and jewel tone colours accented with antique brass details to really elevate each furniture item.

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