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A revolution in the luxury clock market has begun.: Cheshire-based Thomas James have unveiled their first timepiece, The Argentum Luna. 

Looking back five years. Thomas James started on a journey. Inspired by a clock’s great purpose of timekeeping, always present, strategically placed, waiting for us, when we need them. A shared experience, bringing together people’s perceptions of time, unifying it and each other. And yet having the untapped potential of becoming a striking design statement in the most opulent surroundings. The process of design and discovery started. Travelling the country to find and bring together the special people who had the skills to produce a truly remarkable timepiece.

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Thomas James timepiece hung in lounge

Thomas James combines England’s long history of clock making and skilled craftsmanship and meets them with a new and progressive vision. A combination of traditional crafts along with precision engineering, the new independent English clock company sought inspiration from the limited-edition Swiss watch market to produce made to order, unique bespoke statement wall clocks that mirror not only a Swiss watches’ quality, but also the complete experience of purchasing and owning one. 


The vision began with a desire to create a wall clock that could be incorporated into luxury interior design. Following the idea, the search for Britain’s most skilled and dedicated manufacturers took place. Thomas James Clocks worked tirelessly to source and bring together this group of people each with a specialised skill set, giving every detail the greatest attention, working collaboratively to produce something exceptional and to the standard that meets the vision. The brand now represents the most beautiful blend of British craftsmanship, from the Lake District and Yorkshire to the Midlands; each timepiece will have a unique and special  story. 

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Each clock is individually produced to order and sold only in exclusive limited editions, creating a unique and special experience for every owner. The most beautiful, complementary piece for hospitality design projects through to residential homes.

Combining the long-held traditions of English clockmaking with new innovative ideas, the product offers something extraordinary that will pass the test of time and be admired for countless generations to come.


Thomas James Clocks is the vision of founder Andrew Kilgour. With a love for British craftsmanship and heritage brands, yet a keen eye for engineering and contemporary design, Andrew created the brand to  offer something completely new to the luxury clock market. Now a collaboration of partners, the Thomas James team are continually evolving skills, ideas, design and style through their timepieces and growing community. Honouring the past yet creating something new and ever evolving for the future. Conceived 2017, born 2023, what does the future have in store? Time will tell.


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