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Joanna Bobin: From Buckinghamshire to Bridgerton

joanna bobin

From Oxfordshire Roots to Hollywood

Born in Oxfordshire into a family with entertainment in its blood, Joanna Bobin has amassed stage credits, roles in TV gems, and made the leap to the big screen.

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A Creative Family Background

Her father, David Bobin, was a beloved broadcaster and face of Sky Sports for many years. One of her brothers is the BAFTA and Emmy-nominated director James Bobin. “I think because there are so many of us – I’m one of five – it actually provided the perfect environment for playing and making up stories and games together, which in itself necessitates creativity. My parents were always encouraging of that and visiting the theatre and cinema and reading,” Joanna shares.

She adds, “My father was wonderfully relaxed about his job, never showing any nerves and always 100% professional. He was a journalist and presenter, but there’s such a strong performance element in that, and he had a wonderful voice. We visited him a lot at work, so I’ve always felt very comfortable in a television studio.”

Early Stage and Screen Experiences

Joanna made her stage bow in a pantomime at the tender age of four, and at eight, she had her first part in a series for the BBC called Take Three Women. “It was my first experience of being part of a big TV drama,” she recalls. “We also got to rehearse in those days – pretty rare now – which I loved so much. My favourite part though was having my Mum to myself when she took me up to London and back on the train!”

Embracing Theatre

The stage soon took over, with Joanna enjoying a range of roles some three decades ago. “I think having a grounding in theatre is incredibly helpful for an actor, not least because of the stamina you need to knock out eight shows a week, come rain or shine.”

Transition to Screen Roles

Her screen CV has developed at pace over the last decade. “I loved working with my brother on the second Alice in Wonderland film. I got to hang out with some incredible actors for a week,” she smiles. “I particularly loved all the amazing comedy shows I got to work on, like Rev with Tom Hollander and Olivia Coleman and Not Going Out with Lee Mack, who made me laugh all day! I also loved playing Billie Piper’s sister, Jackie, in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.”

The Bridgerton Breakthrough

Her biggest part to date came when the script for Bridgerton landed on her desk. “To be honest I nearly didn’t bother,” she admits. “I felt an immediate connection to Lady Cowper – this haughty, gossiping member of the town – and felt I knew what the writers were getting at.”

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Lady Cowper’s Schemes

The deliciously cruel ‘Lady Cowper’ has appeared in Bridgerton since the beginning. Joanna questions, “Is she cruel though? Or is she just trying to do the right thing for her daughter? Everything Lady Cowper does is for the good of her daughter. She still loves a good gossip though, it’s true!”

Love for Buckinghamshire

“The first chapter in series 3 (episodes 1-5) launched in mid-May,” Joanna says. “We started to see their plan take shape, and audiences will get to enjoy how things unfold when chapter two comes out on 13 June.”

Joanna is happy to chat about her love for Buckinghamshire. “My parents lived in a beautiful little village called Eastbury, just outside Lambourn, for 20 years. We devastatingly lost my darling Dad seven years ago, and he is buried in the churchyard there. It’s the most lovely peaceful spot on a hillside.” She shares her favorite local spots: “The Vineyard at Stockcross near Newbury for special occasions, and The Star Inn at Sparsholt for a lovely pub experience.”

With that, our time chatting is up. From Hollywood to Buckinghamshire, Joanna Bobin’s career journey is filled with great stories to tell along the way.

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