Why Victoria Summer is Hot in Hollywood Right Now

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A Multifaceted Talent Going Swimmingly

Berkshire-born Victoria Summer’s eclectic career, which spans acting in Hollywood films, big band performances, and charitable efforts, is flourishing. An individual with genuine talent in several areas is a rarity in the entertainment industry, but Summer excels with aplomb.

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A Day in Ascot with Victoria Summer

Our encounter takes place in Ascot, where the sun aptly greets us following the premiere of Summer’s latest film, Vindication Swim. In the film, directed by Elliott Hasler, Victoria portrays ‘Edith Gade,’ a fictitious rival to the real British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze—the first British woman to swim the English Channel. Hasler, an impressive young filmmaker, was central to her involvement in the project.

During a tough time amidst the pandemic, Victoria interviewed Elliott on her Next Generation Role Model show, focusing on visionary kids and future leaders. Impressed by Elliott’s passion and talent, she eagerly accepted his invitation to join the film after falling for the intelligence and sensitivity of the script he wrote at the tender age of 18.

The Tale of Two Swimmers

Victoria’s character in Vindication Swim, Edith Gade, is a fictional creation symbolizing the biggest swimming hoax in British history, which contrasts with the reality of Gleitze’s charitable nature. The story showcases a stark dichotomy between two very different individuals and their attitudes towards fame and altruism.

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A Passion for Period Dramas

The role allowed Victoria to delve into the period drama genre, which she adores and considers her niche. Her “old Hollywood look” has become a significant aspect of her personal brand, and she anticipates more period drama roles in the future.

A Breakthrough as Julie Andrews

Reflecting on her significant breakthrough in 2013, Victoria starred as Julie Andrews in Saving Mr. Banks alongside Tom Hanks, a moment that marked a pivotal point in her career. Working with such notable industry figures underscored the reality of her Hollywood dreams.

A Melodious Career in Music

Beyond the silver screen, Victoria is also making waves as a singer. She leads the Victoria Summer Big Band and is working on her debut music release. Additionally, she’s developing a one-woman show and recording her first single, which she hopes will inspire others and contribute to creating a better world.

Tea with Victoria Summer: A Charitable Event

“Tea with Victoria Summer” is an initiative that underscores her commitment to philanthropy. The event began with her film Game of Aces in 2016, leading to a partnership with Teen Cancer America, co-founded by Roger Daltrey. Her goal was to improve hospital experiences for cancer teenagers and introduce British afternoon tea culture to America.

A Lifelong Connection to Berkshire

Despite her career in LA, Victoria’s heart remains tied to Berkshire, the land of her birth. The region’s people, culture, and beauty hold a special place in her heart, though her profession necessitates her residence in Los Angeles, where opportunities continue to beckon.

Expect to see more of Victoria Summer’s work through films, music, and charitable involvement—everything she’s aspired to since her days at stage school in Berkshire.

Vindication Swim is set for a digital release in June. Discover more about Victoria Summer’s talents on her website: victoriasummer.com.

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