Ready or Knot? Knot Rugs Puts Unique Artwork Into Flooring


Translating art into flooring is Knots Rugs’ latest challenge

Words Pearl Boyd

Knots Rugs is celebrating a decade in the industry with a new partnership that translates art into wool. Three rising stars from the art world – Michal Cole, George Morton Clark and Arthur Lanyon – created artworks that have been reworked in hand-knotted wool without losing their intricacy. These contemporary pieces are produced in Nepal and Jaipur using the best quality Tibetan highland wool, Bikaner wool, Chinese silk and nettle.

rugsKnots Rugs adapted the artists’ works into the most painterly of floor coverings. George Morton Clark’s At The End of the Day work was enlarged and reimagined into a vivid gallery-worthy floor piece. Michael Cole’s After Caravaggio was translated into another showstopper. Cole’s twist on modern art with an old master feel seemed in line with Knots’ own synthesis of heritage with modern flourishes. Meanwhile Arthur Lanyon’ Blue Fin brushstrokes were recreated in 200 knot quality with a total of 39 colours, culminating in abstract modernist pieces.

Knots Rugs have a variety of plans in store for the rest of 2018, including partnerships with other makers, designers and even London museums. The brand has made waves in the international furniture market for its craftsmanship, innovation and the technique of reworking floor coverings for the modern consumer.



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