Augmented Reality and Fishy Drinks: London’s Weirdest New Cocktails & Where to Drink Them

Augmented Reality and Fishy Drinks: London's Weirdest New Cocktails & Where to Drink Them

Shake up your cocktail oeuvre with Absolutely’s round-up of London’s most unusual cocktails

With cocktails in London becoming ever more inventive, the capital’s bars are taking mixology to the next level, using increasingly unusual ingredients to create innovative and flavourful twists on traditional tipples.

Always focussed on the wider drinking experience, these cocktails take inspiration from the world around to delve further into the imagination of the customer. Be this through childhood memories or unexpected taste sensations. Here’s our selection of the most exciting cocktails to try in London right now…

Something fishy at GNH Bar

Really embracing the Deep in the Sea title, this cocktail is salmon infused. Mixed with Russian Standard, dill, dry vermouth and celery bitters the salmon transports the drinker to the ocean and enhances the flavours of the drink. The ultimate palate teaser!


The Blind Pig’s Languid Caterpillar

As part of the ‘Long and Short Great British Tails’ range of cocktails inspired by children’s stories, ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ turns ‘Languid’ for cocktail hour and becomes a concoction of Bulleit Rye whiskey, Cynar artichoke, banana, lemon, spicy beetroot syrup and egg white. You’re halfway to your five a day in this one cocktail alone.


Margot’s Yellow Bloody Mary

Margot’s Yellow Bloody Mary is a brighter take on the all-time classic made with Belvedere Vodka, Cocchi Americano, white sherry and yellow tomato juice. The yellow tomatoes impart a sweet and tangy taste, light and fresh for the summer.


City Social’s Augmented Reality Cocktails

Ever eaten pickled cactus? No? Then get down to the bar at City Social for The Mild, Mild West, a twist on a whiskey sour containing Bulleit Rye, Gewürztraminer, watermelon, pickled cactus and egg white. The opposite of what you expect from a whiskey drink, the cactus makes it fresh and fruity. It is also part of MIRAGE, the world’s first augmented-reality cocktail menu. Download the MIRAGE app and point the camera towards your MIRAGE coaster to watch The Mild, Mild West come to life, combining delicious flavour with a chronological story of how art has been expressed throughout history.


Dirty Bones’ The Fab

Dirty Bones aren’t letting summer fade away with The Fab, based on the childhood favourite ice cream. Tanqueray gin is mixed with Martini Rosso, lemon, gomme syrup and egg white to create the classic pink and white stripes, completed with a Hundreds and Thousands candy rim. For £9 you are back on Brighton pier.


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