Where Luxury Meets Sustainability: The Contemporary Kitchen

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Words Pendle Harte

The kitchen is at the heart of the contemporary home – and it has multiple roles to fill. Aesthetics are key, as is technology, while design is paramount. A well-designed space creates a harmonious interplay between cooking, eating, socialising and family life, while a badly designed space acts as a barrier to a home’s smooth functioning. The kitchen should be somewhere we enjoy spending time and for 2022, key trends fuse luxury and opulence with sustainability and carefully chosen materiality, alongside intelligent kitchen architecture.

Market-leading kitchen design company Poggenpohl is a pioneer of the stylish and functional kitchen as we know it today. When Friedemir Poggenpohl founded the family business in 1892, his aim was “to improve the kitchen”. Over the course of nearly 130 years, what was once a small cabinetmaker’s shop has evolved into the leading brand for German-made luxury kitchen architecture. As the inventor of the modern kitchen, Poggenpohl today sustainably combines architectural concepts and applications with trend-setting design, superb craftsmanship and technical precision. 

Sustainability is a key factor in modern kitchen design and manufacture. Materials including natural stone and eucalyptus are key components of Poggenpohl’s current offering, a collection which focuses on unusual materials, all of them selected for their principles of sustainability in processing of these materials. 

poggenpohl absolutely londonThe new pieces fuse artisanal aesthetics and the utmost precision in a contemporary interpretation of luxury. For example, an impressive rectangle of Rosso Lepanto marble retains the originality of the natural stone as massive blocks, that are invisibly joined into an elongated worktop which appears to float over illuminated eucalyptus base units below. 

Additionally, refined lava stone is smoothed in lengthy firing processes and sealed with glass enamel at temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius to create a lustrous, high-shine finish. Another worktop in textured ceramic exudes a golden shimmer, crafted from recycled shards and melted into a crystalline structure that makes each piece unique. 

The new +VENOVO line sets the tone this year with a variety of statements in an impressive range of green hues. The ceramic glass worktop featuring recycled green shards emphasises Poggenpohl’s bond with nature and aim to promote sustainability. In this innovative collection, broken glass is transformed into a highly sophisticated, inspiring material. 

For Poggenpohl, today’s kitchens symbolise quality of life. Kitchens are where people cook, celebrate, work and live and therefore people are at the centre of the planning process, when Poggenpohl’s architects develop custom solutions for their customers’ individual ideas and living spaces. All kitchens are manufactured exclusively in Germany, ensuring their distinction and high standard of quality. 

To learn more about Poggenpohl or to book a consultation, click here.



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