Meet Artist Enzina Fuschini Ahead of her New Exhibition, Make An Impact

Meet Artist Enzina Fuschini Ahead of her New Exhibition, Make An Impact

What was your main source of inspiration for Impact?

The inspiration for IMPACT was born from the inner desire to understand and to express the turmoil of various impacts and circumstances that we have to face day by day. This is a reality that cannot be denied. We have no choice other than to just embrace these events and the changes that engulf us, whether we like it or not. I wanted to stimulate our thinking about the revolving continuous changes that take place around and within us when we are faced with impacts.

What are you hoping viewers will take away from it?

I am hoping that this won’t become the one-way conversation that usually takes place with art on canvas. In most cases the artist expresses something and the viewers are not really sure of what is all about, but life goes on. On the contrary, my heart’s desire is to engage with the viewers in presenting this new series of paintings to challenge our conscience and intellect – so what is the answer, and what we are going to do about it? Impacts are personal, ethical and social… we are all involved and responsible for it, in any case like happy Impact or sad, devastating or constructive we need to deal with it in valuing its own consequences and effects. So, are we going to deny those realities, pretending as if nothing is happening, or should we allow our hearts and minds to consider transformation, character building and endurance? Can we even desire redemption and reconciliation? The essence of it could be triumphant and encouraging, even exciting for a greater hope and desire to transform humanity. My question to you is… what it is your answer? Are you willing to be part of it? And can you feel that you exist? What sort of things do you do to prepare for an exhibition and how do you like to work?

I only work on creating my new paintings. This is the first thing that takes place when I feel that it’s time to deliver and show my creative message to the world. The exhibition starts with me in painting, then it takes more shape and focus. I only like to think and paint. The rest of the work I delegate to others, however I always make sure that I am in control of the situation, especially in not missing the details.

Is there a creative medium you’d like to pursue but haven’t?

I would like to explore sculpture in the future, but I have a true passion for fine art.

What art movement or artist would you say influences your work most?

The Master of Mataficica Giorgio De Chirico and the Surrealist group from Miro to Max Ernst and Russian artists have always inspired my spirit.

508 King’s Road, SW10

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