Markilux’s New MX-3 Cassette Awning

Markilux MX-3 awning

German design company markilux reveals its new MX-3 awning 

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After years of development, awning specialist markilux has developed its new cassette awning MX-3, uniting the very best technology with a gracefully curved, colourful design.

Typical awnings are broadly-striped fabric panels that look pretty unremarkable while hanging across the patio. But thanks to markilux’s premium designs, awnings can bring a high-tech, sleek look to your outdoor space. Demonstrating how these components can merge in a playful way is the MX-3, a slim cassette awning that flows with soft curves inspired by modern architecture.

Markilux MX-3 cassette awning
With soft curves and a coloured front profile, the MX-3 awning brings modern chic to your patio and balcony.

Design for Shape Enthusiasts

This eye-catching awning’s shape is a sleek, continuous flow of fabric, highlighted by the smooth arched shape of the side caps. You can choose from eight accent colours and match them to the pattern of the awning cover, as well as select a colour for the frame. This mix of innovative shapes and colours will add exciting personality to your outdoor space, providing shade for not only patios but balconies too. The small awning has a height of just twelve centimetres, and the housing of the awning fits well below a balcony roof.

High-tech at its finest

The MX-3 is equipped with the latest technology, and can extend and retract its awning cover smoothly, while the wall and ceiling brackets are barely noticeable as they are covered by sealing caps. To control the awning, you can choose from manual or radio-controlled motor operation, and there’s also the option to integrate it into a home automation system. More features include dimmable infrared heaters and weather sensors.

The MX-3 is six metres wide and three metres deep providing a wide area of shade, and in addition to the curved design, the MX-3 also offers a new light option. Below the awning you can attach an LED-Line or LED-Spots to illuminate the cassette in the evening with an accentuated band of light or with accentuating light beams, adding a cosy warmth to your garden at night.

The MX-3 is the perfect choice when upgrading your garden.


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