Melissa Porter on Mere, Parenthood and TV

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Television personality Melissa Porter, known for appearing on tranquil programs like Escape to the Country and Countryfile, reveals a more spirited side in person. With the candidness that characterises her interactions, it’s no wonder she’s being eyed as America’s next talk show icon, in the vein of Jerry Springer.

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Mastering Parenting Solo

Our visit to Mere is primarily to discuss Melissa’s latest literary venture, Mastering the Single Parent Game. “This book is a brief 20-minute read for those wrestling with parenting puzzles,” she states. “It offers a novel approach to managing the anger one might feel towards their ex, promoting a healthier co-parenting dynamic and improvements in parenting.”

Melissa’s motive for the book comes from her background: “As a single mum for years, happiness and tranquillity were my assets. If wealth could come from the curiosity of others about my demeanour, I’d be immensely rich. The book is meant to be succinct, a quick reference that won’t compound an already busy schedule with a hefty read.”

Balancing Family and Writing

Melissa’s family now includes her partner, criminal defence lawyer Nick Freeman, and their son, Pierce, the muse behind her parenting insights. “Parenthood is an incredible gift, and I’ve embraced that responsibility fully,” she remarks. “Children are reflections of their caregivers, making our actions critical in their development.”

Regarding hindsight and Pierce’s upbringing, Melissa shares her philosophy: “Regrets have no place in life. Even minor changes to our past could dramatically alter where we are. My love for my son and contentment with our life as it is mean I wouldn’t want to alter a thing.”

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From Television to Life Coaching

Considering her openness, it’s no surprise that Melissa is also a trained life coach. Her enriching career in TV presenting dovetails with her coaching qualifications, including counselling (BACP) and NLP. “Television allowed me to explore my passion for people, and coaching serves as an extension,” she explains. “The transformational impact of coaching, even in a single session, can be immediate and profound, especially for those grappling with self-confidence or navigating abusive relationships.”

The Art of Listening in Television

Her journey through television honed an important skill—active listening—which she feels is often undervalued. “Interpreting the unspoken emotions behind what people say is vital,” Melissa recalls. “I remember, while presenting a BBC show, I could sense a woman’s reluctance to relocate her family despite her verbal consent; her body language told the true story.”

Her foray into television was serendipitous, sparked by a chance opportunity. “After university, I joined Virgin Atlantic as an air hostess,” she shares. “But it was an offer to host a car show that pivoted my career from aviation to television.”

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The Dream of American TV

With more than two decades of UK television presence, Melissa’s eyes are now set on the US. “Recently, NBC in New York City screen-tested me for a potential role akin to the Maury Povich show. I’m ready for this new chapter. Jerry Springer, it’s time for fresh energy.”

Despite the allure of international allure, Melissa’s heart remains in Mere, near Knutsford. “The beauty of nature here is unmatched. It’s a tranquil retreat that’s also conveniently located,” she beams. “I adore walks in Macclesfield Forest, indulgent massages by Emma at the Body Clinic in Hale, and the healthy culinary offerings of Altrincham market.”

What’s Next for Melissa Porter?

With the interview winding down, Melissa hints at her future projects, “I aim to host a show that competes with Jeremy Kyle’s and to pen more concise guides.” Her ambition is clear.

To learn more about Melissa Porter, visit melissa-porter.com. For a peek into her daily musings, follow her on Instagram @realandroarmelissaporter.

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