Murus Art: The Online Gallery Turning the Table on Tradition

Murus Founders Erica & Rose

The idea for Murus’ online gallery was originally conceived during a conversation around the kitchen table. “One of our friends was saying she wanted to buy some art for her home, but she just didn’t know where to start or how to look for it,”, said Erica Davis. It made her realise that building an art collection can be an intimidating process for many, made more so by the often impersonal approach of many traditional galleries. 

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She and her friend Rose O’Shea saw a gap in the market for a place to buy original art that was easily accessible and more suited to the needs of modern living. The value at the core of their business is the fact that they see art as a personal experience, and for them “it’s about putting people and their homes at the centre” of the buying process. Having both come from fashion backgrounds, “part of our approach is about the fact that we focus on what customers want and what customers need”.

Untitled Design ( )The key to matching people with their perfect piece lay in making their website “really user-friendly, to help people find specifically what they are looking for”. Davis says: “being able to browse art online means you don’t need to be intimidated. You can get a feel for what you like, what styles you like and the more you look, the more you start to see what things evoke in you and what you get drawn to.” Available on murus.art is a carefully curated selection of original paintings and limited-edition prints made by a talent pool of emerging and already established artists. Each piece is also accompanied by a selection of lifestyle photography, showing how it looks inside the homes of other people.


As Davis says: “people’s homes aren’t white walls, so you need to understand how a piece of art is going to fit into your lifestyle”


Knowing this is quite a hard thing to properly envision, and because “a lot of the time it’s hard to see what it’s going to look like on your wall”, Davis and O’Shea wanted to utilise technology to take some of the abstraction out of this process. The website is accompanied by an AR app that allows shoppers to transpose artworks onto the walls of their own homes. It provides a way for people to easily visualise the scale of the piece, how it might fit in with other works of art and how it could potentially exist within the clutter and the chaos of daily life. Davis hopes that this technology can “give people confidence and make people feel really happy about their purchase”.

At murus.art there is something for every taste, from abstract and graphic to landscapes – also a wide budget, with pieces ranging from £450 to £6,000 plus. The gallery offers an interest-free finance option via the Art Council’s Own Art scheme, so you can pay for your piece over 10 months. Ultimately, the curated artworks here have been designed with one goal in mind – making it easier for us to bring more colour and individuality into our homes

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For more information, and to find your perfect piece, visit murus.art

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