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Sober October: Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Sober October - Non-alcoholic drinks

Giving up booze? Here’s what to drink during Sober October

By Jacinta Andolini

Going Sober for October doesn’t have to mean giving up your favourite tipples. Whether you’re raising money for charity or you’re on a health kick before the festive season sets in, we’ve put together a list of seven delicious alcohol-free drinks to overindulge in, without the crapulous side-effects.

What to Drink During Sober October

Seedlip CosNOpolitan

AecornWith notes of blood orange and mandarin, the Seedlip Grove 42 non-alcoholic spirit is versatile as well as it is delicious. To make a virgin Cosmo, swap out the vodka and Cointreau for these flavoursome alternatives. All you’ll need is 50ml of that zesty citrus Seedlip, 24ml of Æcorn Aromatic, 25ml of Cranberry juice and 10ml of lemon juice. Shake and double strain the cocktail into a coupe glass, with a sliver of orange peel on the side – a winning recipe that you’ll want to take into November and beyond.

Lyre’s No-Aperol Spritz

Lyre's non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz - Sober OctoberNothing says summer tipple more than an Aperol Spritz – a tangy and bitter explosion of fruity flavour and refreshing citrus with its signature dry finish. Although we can’t fake the summer season, we can fake the gorgeous flavours of a classic. Lyre’s have the answer in the form of the Italian Spritz; an aperitif with all the flavours of Aperol but none of the alcohol. Serve simply with either soda or tonic water, drop in slices of fresh orange and sip until it’s summer again.

Punchy’s Soft Punch

PunchyRather than a sugary punch-inspired soft drink, Punchy have created a sophisticated grown-up’s version in a can. With a focus on environmental responsibility, the cans come completely plastic-free and are suitable for vegans. Their First Dip punch is flavoured with cucumber, a hit of yuzu and a suggestion of rosemary at the end. It’s a drink designed for leisurely lounging – something we all will be doing more of as the year draws to a close. Enjoy straight from the fridge, over ice for an invigorating pre-dinner refreshment.

Bloody Mary Soda

Double Dutch Bloody Mary Soda for Sober OctoberFor a unique alcohol-free twist on the classic Bloody Mary, Double Dutch have unleashed their booze-free answer to the renowned tomato-based hair-of-the-dog. With basil, cucumber, pepper, chilli and a hint of brandy vinegar, the cocktail is just as full-flavoured, spicy and herbaceous as the real thing. Serve it solo over ice into a highball, pop in a stick of celery and enjoy with brunch and flatmates.

Virgin Gin and Tonic

Warner's - non-alcoholic G&T for Sober OctoberWhen all you want is a gin and tonic, nothing else will do until now. Warner’s Distillery have created the closest thing to gin that isn’t gin. Their 0% alcohol Botanic Garden Spirits come in two distinct flavours; Pink Berry and Juniper Double Dry, depending on your taste. Just as fresh and balanced as the real thing, these spirits are packed full of flavour and are gorgeous with tonic, ice, sprigs of mint and a couple of juicy raspberries.

Saicho Sparkling Tea

Saicho sparkling teaA non-alcoholic alternative to champagne, try Saicho Sparkling Tea. Made from tea leaves that are cold-brewed for 24 hours before adding some sparkle, Saicho comes in three flavours: Jasmine, Darjeeling and Hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea). Serve in a flute or coupe and you won’t miss the hard stuff one bit.

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