Absolutely Review: Get Party Ready With Coco Nail Bar

Coco Nail Bar

Get in shape for the festive season with this cutting-edge treatment from Portobello Road’s Coco Nail Bar

Words Gabrielle Hernandez

Look your best this Christmas with the latest treatment from Coco Nail Bar

Though Christmas is full of spectacular sweets and treats, it is also prime time for looking your best. Parties and festivities might have you panicked, you’ve left it to the last minute to get into shape so you look stunning in that little black dress. Thankfully, there is a saving grace that might just be your ticket to a fabulous body.

Lipofirm Pro seems too good to be true, but you will see results after only one session. The technology uniquely combines TriLipo Radiofrequency and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation. The single applicator allows the two technologies to work simultaneously, allowing for non-invasive fat removal, lymphatic drainage and skin tightening.

Set along Portobello Road in charming Notting Hill, Coco Nail Bar has recently introduced this incredible treatment. Performed by the lovely Mari, each treatment takes half an hour and is tailored to your needs and specifications. You can decide to focus on a variety of regions including your thighs, face, stomach or bottom.

Coco Nail Bar

For my session we decided to focus on the posterior thigh. Mari did well to explain each step of the process before beginning to ensure I was familiar with what was to come. There are three applicators, varying in size depending on the area being targeted. In my case, Mari used the largest applicator to best suit the area.

Before beginning the treatment, she measured my thigh at three different places and made a note of the measurement. This method allows you to see the changes not only from one session to the next, but from the start and end of a single treatment.

Mari had warned me there would be a bit of pain, but depending on your tolerance you can change the intensity of the treatment. It was much like little static shocks or flicks on the skin accompanied with heat and the pressure of her hand working the applicator into my muscles. The sensation was a bit unconventional at first but I acclimated quickly. She spent 15 minutes on each leg, which would occasionally twitch due to the muscle activation pulses. The combination of the pressure and circular motion soon resembled that of a massage.

Coco Nail Bar

The radio frequencies generate heat throughout the tissue in the dermal and subcutaneous layers. Electro-heating of the skin stimulates fat metabolism and collagen remodeling. It helps tighten and tone as the fat cells are liquefied, reducing cellulite as it smooths the skin.

We chatted away and the session ended just as soon as it began. It was time to see the final results. Just as she had before, Mari measured three areas of my thigh and it was incredible to see the difference. I had lost two inches of fat in a mere 30 minutes. She did alert me to the fact that I might experience some bruising and soreness as it was my first session. But that was one tiny setback in exchange for great results.

Lipofirm Pro is just one of many treatments you can enjoy at Coco Nail Bar. Treat yourself to manicures, pedicures, waxing and threading. They pride themselves on being a social space. Come with friends for a drink or two and a day of pampering.

The verdict: If you are looking for instant results, it is worth it. Long term results are generated best through a combination of a balanced diet, exercise and a recommended 8 treatments.

Absolutely readers can get an introductory offer of £75 for the first treatment, usually priced at £180

267 Portobello Road, W11; coconailbar.com

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