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How to Preserve a Home’s Heritage

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Like-for-like replacement windows are perfect for improving a home’s performance without compromising on its original charm

For many Essex and Hertfordshire homes, windows are more than just functional openings – they’re the eyes of a property and, just as importantly, they reflect its architectural soul. Traditional timber windows, with features such as astragal bars and chamfered profiles, add to a home’s authentic character and are a common sight on Georgian and Victorian properties.

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Yet, even the most charming timber windows succumb to the relentless march of time. Faced with the wear and tear from the elements and dwindling energy efficiency, homeowners often grapple with a dilemma: how to replace these windows while preserving the home’s unique character?

Thanks to like-for-like replacement windows, which replicate the original windows in every detail, using modern materials like uPVC while faithfully mimicking the classic timber aesthetics, it can be done with zero hassle.

Preserving architectural heritage

Replacing original timber windows with modern designs can disrupt the home’s aesthetic harmony, while like-for-like replacements seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture.

Respecting conservation regulations

Many period homes and properties in conservation areas have strict planning regulations regarding alterations and like-for-like replacements can adhere to them due to their authenticity.

Maintaining value

Authentic character holds significant value in the property market. By preserving the home’ss original features, like-for-like replacements safeguard its true look and potentially enhance its future market value.

Enhanced performance

While replicating the classic look, modern uPVC offers superior performance compared to timber. Homeowners enjoy improved thermal insulation, leading to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Modern benefits

uPVC does not rot, crack, warp, or fade, unlike timber, and this increased durability minimises maintenance requirements, eliminating the need for regular repainting and reducing long-term costs.

A faithful match

Leading home improvement company SEH BAC has more than 50 years’ experience faithfully replicating and installing windows to homes in Essex and Hertfordshire, with a recent installation highlighting that attention to detail.

seh07 seh bac vertical sliding windows

A property overlooking the sea required the installation of 31 new uPVC white vertical sliding sash windows to replace the existing, original timber ones. To make it even more authentic, the homeowner wanted to perfectly replicate the traditional timber sash bay post detail, which required the team at SEH BAC to come up with unique design elements to make that possible.

The result was an installation that captured the original windows, and the traditional timber sash bay post flawlessly. The windows also featured white hardware to match the original windows, with run through sash horns, flush cill and standard bottom rail.

They also embrace modern benefits without compromising the essence of the property, achieving A energy ratings and U-Values as low as 1.2 w/m²K to help save money on heating bills, and boasting a multi-point locking system for high security.

Steve Rawding, SEH BAC’s Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “uPVC windows that accurately mimic the traditional timber aesthetic require expertise and when it comes to traditional styling and features, it’s all in the detail.

“Our meticulous approach ensured these uPVC vertical sliding sash windows were perfect as an authentic timber-alternative sash window. The homeowner was delighted with the installation and the finished look of the windows, which strikes the perfect balance between preserving the home’s unique character and delivering enhanced performance for a warmer, more sustainable living space.”


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